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(5/23/2011 10:30:03 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Maintain a respectful calmness. Keep eye on Artie
(5/23/2011 10:31:07 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Given that our sponsors / patrons seem to also be from that milieu, he is going to be someone we need to keep in mind
(5/23/2011 10:34:39 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (We try to figure out who would be associated with cold, giants, wolves, and capable of being humanoid. It's a fairly short list comprising mainly Loki, which is not reassuring at all. We *hope* we're not playing at that level yet.)
(5/23/2011 10:34:50 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Nate isn't up to verbal jousting with potential Loki-kin, unfortunately
(5/23/2011 10:35:11 PM) edorries: (Yup, that's where my thought process was going. Judy, however, probably doesn't know or care much about it, so I wasn't saying anything.)
(5/23/2011 10:36:13 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Other options include drifting more in the russian direction, some of the Old Man Winter takes match up fairly well)
(5/23/2011 10:37:26 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): We lack sufficient knowledge to play any cards. Smile, nod, commit to nothing
(5/23/2011 10:39:14 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): So, operating procedure for the next 36 hours or so: Don't go anywhere alone if possible (this probably means that Judy has to stay with Anya, as anyone else would be too suspicious). Be particularly polite to anyone who seems powerful, and probably anyone who doesn't just in case. Stay alert for magic where it doesn't belong, which is most places here.
(5/23/2011 10:39:18 PM) GM (Brad): He just smiles as people look him over, "Well, as much as I hate to cut an interesting evening short, I do have a car waiting." He turns to go, raising a hand in farewell, "Do keep that card, Mister Hammond!" And off he goes into the night.
(5/23/2011 10:40:20 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Do we need to get another set of ashtrays?
(5/23/2011 10:43:12 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Mike's current thought is that the potential future utility of having exchanged business cards exceeds the risk. He's not that hidden, having an office listing in the phone book and so on.
(5/23/2011 10:43:35 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): The card will probably live in a separate box in the office, though
(5/23/2011 10:44:53 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (box of the heavy-duty M:TG card protectors, roll of lead foil, some glue... fairly easy to hack together a modern storage system)
(5/23/2011 10:48:02 PM) Chris: (Yeah, double-layer the lead, tho.)
(5/23/2011 10:49:44 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Lead's nice but... What IS the right bane material? Iron & silver aren't thematically likely
(5/23/2011 10:50:07 PM) edorries: (Mistletoe? No, that's Baldur.)
(5/23/2011 10:50:52 PM) GM (Brad): An Ash box to store the cards in, obviously. :)
(5/23/2011 10:51:00 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): My vague memory is Ash, which doesn't work well for a card case but could be the box they are in
(5/23/2011 10:51:04 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy has a skill for this
(5/23/2011 10:51:41 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): 3d6 someone please? Analyze; Mythic Weakness
(5/23/2011 10:52:15 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

For Percy: Skill: 3d6 = 9, Success by 4 against a 13 (2, 1, 6)

(5/23/2011 10:53:37 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Random diversion: AsCard, the unified Asgard transit card.. just swipe past the contactless sensor on the Bifrost Bridge and pay a single montly bill!)
(5/23/2011 10:53:54 PM) GM (Brad): Tradition would dictate either alder or ash, beyond that precious metals and rune-carved gems are good.
(5/23/2011 10:53:58 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (there are some Fates money can't buy. For everything else, there's Ascard)
(5/23/2011 10:54:21 PM) edorries: (Wouldn't that be Wyrds, not Fates?)
(5/23/2011 10:56:52 PM) cgallett: anya will start getting nurvance about tommorow
(5/23/2011 10:57:32 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Right, check the antique shops in the morning. If that doesn't pan out, call Father Michael at St.Luke's
(5/23/2011 10:58:21 PM) cgallett: will do a sweep of the place the go back to her hotel to streatch and sleep
(5/23/2011 10:59:05 PM) GM (Brad): What are you looking for at the antique shops?
(5/23/2011 10:59:10 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Concentrate on the performance. We'll watch the weirdness. Titania is no scarier than Having the Govenor present for Nutcracker
(5/23/2011 10:59:21 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): She just glows more
(5/23/2011 10:59:55 PM) edorries: I promise I won't steal your stuff. Really.
(5/23/2011 10:59:59 PM) GM (Brad): The theatre is clean. The only odd thing when you get back to your hotel is that the whole troupe has freshly mended shoes. All of them.
(5/23/2011 11:00:31 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Being nice to brownies has it's perks
(5/23/2011 11:00:56 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We have been trying to be nice to everyone who isn't evil, and even some of borderline folk.
(5/23/2011 11:00:56 PM) cgallett: no I am useing the old one! I am not breaking in a new pair for this
(5/23/2011 11:01:35 PM) cgallett: cool
(5/23/2011 11:02:42 PM) cgallett: anya will start her streatches then call it a night
(5/23/2011 11:02:58 PM) cgallett: I have to working in the morning and then that night
(5/23/2011 11:03:43 PM) GM (Brad): Yup.
(5/23/2011 11:04:41 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I think most of us are staying in a suite, so we'll be close by; the only otherwise solo person would be Anya. We can set Judy up with a video player of some sort if she's willing to stay overnight with Judy and her mundane roommate
(5/23/2011 11:04:55 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): er, Judy stay with Anya and her mundane ballet roomate
(5/23/2011 11:05:41 PM) edorries: Judy will be good and not look through the roommate's stuff. Much.
(5/23/2011 11:05:47 PM) GM (Brad): Most of the troupe is either in doubles for the more advanced dancers or quads for the corps. The people -running- things have singles.
(5/23/2011 11:06:47 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Monochrome hq is gmt +1, right? Odds are I get Gard's voicemail tonight
(5/23/2011 11:07:41 PM) GM (Brad): The joys of autocomplete.
(5/23/2011 11:08:03 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): MONOC hq. Bloody phone is "helping"
(5/23/2011 11:08:54 PM) edorries: I didn't do it!
(5/23/2011 11:09:13 PM) GM (Brad): Gard actually picks up. "This is Gard. How are you Mr. Cartwright?"
(5/23/2011 11:10:53 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Good morning, ms. Gard. I think the term is "whelmed". We're still workin on if it is over or under at thin point.
(5/23/2011 11:11:39 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: Well, that is certainly a marked difference from my week thus far. What has so whelmed you, Mr. Cartwright?
(5/23/2011 11:14:23 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Unseilie incursions, major potential high court visitations, and meetin a new player in the Incorporated Metaphysical Agencies category. We were hoping Monoc had some information on the last one
(5/23/2011 11:15:04 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: ... Do you have a name?
(5/23/2011 11:16:01 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Fairbaugh & Sons, attorneys at law
(5/23/2011 11:16:35 PM) GM (Brad): Gard is quiet for a moment, "I see. Older or younger?"
(5/23/2011 11:17:58 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): He *looked* older, but that' kind of meaningless given the day we've had.
(5/23/2011 11:18:42 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: I'll definitely need to pass that along. Did he say anything to you?
(5/23/2011 11:18:46 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Had panache. Style. *Presence*
(5/23/2011 11:19:32 PM) cgallett: Roll(3d6)+0:
(5/23/2011 11:20:03 PM) GM (Brad): I hope that wasn't for anything more important than taking off makeup, Anya. :)
(5/23/2011 11:20:16 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): we're destined for great things. And that he had business back in the city, rather that stay for a Midsummer's performance with Herself potentially in attendance
(5/23/2011 11:21:15 PM) cgallett: with a roll like that Anya will not be able to sleep and deside to go get some air and a dink
(5/23/2011 11:21:53 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: So, he's in New York. Wonderful. We'll have to keep our eyes open on this end, I suggest you do the same on yours Mr. Cartwright.
(5/23/2011 11:22:42 PM) edorries: Well, your out-of-bodyguard will be happy to tag along.
(5/23/2011 11:23:33 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): We will. I hope there's a briefing somewhere along the way. How heavily should we ward his business card?
(5/23/2011 11:26:00 PM) cgallett: I could use something friuty with an unbrila
(5/23/2011 11:26:33 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: Not heavily, an ash box some place isolated should be sufficient. There may be some sort of link, but I doubt that it will be very strong. Did he say why he was there at all? If he'd meant you ill he could have done a great deal of it.
(5/23/2011 11:27:07 PM) edorries: Cute poolboy?
(5/23/2011 11:27:54 PM) cgallett: sory that pool boy like to play with his own kind
(5/23/2011 11:27:55 PM) nmorse: Our hypothesis was that he wanted to watch the mischief the Dreds were up to. That _seems_ wrapped up, we'll send in the usual report.
(5/23/2011 11:28:25 PM) edorries: <shrug> Just gonna look, right?
(5/23/2011 11:29:59 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: Which would imply that he knew of it, in the first place. I'll look forward to you report, it will certainly be more interesting than riding herd on minor league baseball team.
(5/23/2011 11:31:22 PM) nmorse: Sorry, in spite of it all, I think we're happier riding herd on a pack of ballerinas. Not going to trade.
(5/23/2011 11:32:00 PM) GM (Brad): Gard chuckles on her end of the phone, "I can't blame you. Trading Saratoga Springs for Trenton would be quite the sacrifice."
(5/23/2011 11:33:52 PM) nmorse: That's about it then. Oh, the Seelie side kind of sent an agent of their own as well. "Artie" ring any alarm bells?
(5/23/2011 11:36:18 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: Artie? Vaguely British flake with a pixie ... associate? The name he gave us a while back was Arthur Pevensie IV.
(5/23/2011 11:38:13 PM) nmorse: That's got to be him. As long as he's the halfblood free agent he seems to be, and not Arwan undercover, I'm happy
(5/23/2011 11:38:59 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I'm hoping that's an assumed name and that I don't have to move the Narnia books over to the nonfiction shelf
(5/23/2011 11:39:31 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: ... We're ... mostly certain that he isn't. And, yes, we're assuming that it's assumed as well.
(5/23/2011 11:40:42 PM) nmorse: That
(5/23/2011 11:41:46 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (I'm visualizing Mike's apartment... large room with bookcase on one end labeled "Fiction", one on the other end labeled "Non-Fiction", and a long row of books down the side wall in between that aren't immediately obvious how they're organized. Occasionally the astute visitor will notice that he's moved a book or set much closer to one end...)
(5/23/2011 11:42:57 PM) nmorse: That's it then. We'll be looking forward to the briefing files. Good luck, blessed be, ite Deo.
(5/23/2011 11:43:48 PM) GM (Brad): Gard: I'll pass that along as well. Fool though he may appear, the man is something of a hero.
(5/23/2011 11:44:31 PM) nmorse: He defeated Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the wolfman today all by himself.
(5/23/2011 11:44:36 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (hmm... Judy is sort of technically underage, but I don't think that stopped her when she was alive, let alone now. Is Anya going to call anyone else?)
(5/23/2011 11:45:09 PM) nmorse: *aside to room* "Oh crap, has anyone checked to see where the mummy ended up?"
(5/23/2011 11:45:29 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Umm.... (as we fade to black, somewhere on a side street, a shambling figure lumbers sloooowly along...)
(5/23/2011 11:45:45 PM) GM (Brad): Sounds good to me!
(5/23/2011 11:48:00 PM) edorries: (There's probably a fake ID in her spectral purse.)
(5/23/2011 11:48:35 PM) edorries: (And cigarettes, despite not having any matches. A touch of divine punishment there, I think!)
(5/23/2011 11:48:45 PM) GM (Brad): And on that note, good night! I'll be sending out an email with XP ... as soon as I figure out how many sessions we've had ...
(5/23/2011 11:49:47 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

Apparantly they sponsor the Trenton Thunder:

(5/23/2011 11:50:45 PM) cgallett: nightnight all
(5/23/2011 11:51:35 PM) edorries: Night!
(5/23/2011 11:52:08 PM) GM (Brad): At one point this was their logo.
(5/23/2011 11:52:10 PM) GM (Brad):
(5/23/2011 11:52:34 PM) GM (Brad):
(5/23/2011 11:53:47 PM) GM (Brad): Night!
(5/23/2011 11:53:58 PM) edorries: <wave>
(6/6/2011 1:58:40 PM) shurato2099: blah
(6:12:52 PM) cgallett: hi
(6:23:55 PM) shurato2099: howdy
(6:24:02 PM) cgallett: 2 computers 2 games no waiting :)
(6:24:59 PM) shurato2099: Something like that. I'm migrating everything over to the chiclet, running on Pidgin now and getting used to the layout.
(6:26:44 PM) shurato2099: Did you see my email?
(6:27:06 PM) cgallett: no when?
(6:28:40 PM) shurato2099: I sent it out around noon today. 20 xp.
(6:30:15 PM) cgallett: you sent it to my tech or gmail?
(6:31:21 PM) shurato2099: *checks* ... gmail
(6:31:46 PM) cgallett: nope
(6:32:15 PM) shurato2099: Hm. Well, then ... surprise!
(6:33:56 PM) cgallett: I will have to look but buying down limits
(6:34:32 PM) shurato2099: Frequently a good idea.
(6:35:47 PM) cgallett: on tech account
(6:36:40 PM) shurato2099: Buhr? Hokay ...
(6:40:29 PM) cgallett: do you know how much ep you have give to date?
(6:42:20 PM) cgallett: take off activation on power to start will ok?
(6:46:49 PM) nmorse [] entered the room.
(6:47:14 PM) nmorse: waves
(6:47:31 PM) nmorse is now known as Percy Cartwright (Nate)
(6:48:15 PM) Mark Haymaker [] entered the room.
(6:49:08 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): welcome!
(6:49:18 PM) Mark Haymaker: hello
(6:49:31 PM) cgallett: hi
(6:50:43 PM) cgallett: Also thinking taking off the consentration
(6:57:42 PM) shurato2099: Yeah, the concentration can be a good thing to get down.
(6:57:44 PM) jdunson [] entered the room.
(6:57:57 PM) jdunson is now known as Mike Hammond (James D)
(6:57:59 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Greetings
(6:58:09 PM) You are now known as GM (Brad)
(6:58:11 PM) Mark Haymaker: Hello.
(6:58:17 PM) GM (Brad): Hiya!
(6:58:40 PM) GM (Brad): On ze leetle chiclet netbook tonight, getting used to the teeny keyboard.
(6:59:00 PM) Mark Haymaker: News: I doubt i'll be able to game this weekend. Additional news: Because Minnesota… didn't work out.
(6:59:06 PM) Mark Haymaker: Next Stop… Georgia.
(6:59:55 PM) Mark Haymaker: (brb… dinner)
(6:59:58 PM) GM (Brad): Georgia?
(7:00:06 PM) Mark Haymaker: Dad lives there.
(7:00:10 PM) cgallett: remove skill from dimensional movement
(7:00:26 PM) GM (Brad): Yowtch. Okay.
(7:01:22 PM) GM (Brad): We'll be having a bit of time between the last arc and this new one, a few months, so there's time for training and the lke.
(7:03:57 PM) cgallett: ok done
(7:04:20 PM) GM (Brad): Zing me a revised copy?
(7:13:27 PM) cgallett: yes
(7:22:07 PM) cgallett: hi?
(7:26:37 PM) GM (Brad): Hiay.
(7:26:46 PM) GM (Brad): Talking weapons permits stuff on this end.
(7:27:28 PM) Mark Haymaker: back
(7:27:33 PM) cgallett: kill thing to get to 30
(7:27:39 PM) GM (Brad): So any time you're done spending on Anya, send me an html copy.
(7:29:07 PM) cgallett: did 10 min ago
(7:29:21 PM) Mark Haymaker: Hmm… suggestions for Brent?
(7:29:36 PM) cgallett: did you get it?
(7:31:32 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Brad in food preparation.
(7:33:11 PM) GM (Brad): How are Brent's casting times looking?
(7:34:37 PM) Mark Haymaker: Still 1 min except for wand.
(7:35:30 PM) Mark Haymaker: One possibility is to add "words of power" to my abilities.
(7:36:51 PM) Mark Haymaker: (I am a linguist after all...)
(7:37:10 PM) Chris [] entered the room.
(7:37:15 PM) Chris: There we go!
(7:37:55 PM) Mark Haymaker: Start with a 20 pt multi, incantation, requires skill roll (Linguistics)?
(7:38:13 PM) Mark Haymaker: (i could fold my wand into the multi as well.)
(7:40:02 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Which would save points)
(7:40:20 PM) cgallett: do I have to save over drive?
(7:42:24 PM) Mark Haymaker: Well, I would start by buying off the OAF for the wand multi, and go from there.
(7:42:38 PM) GM (Brad): Hokay.
(7:43:32 PM) GM (Brad): OAF for a wand is kind of thematic, but with the right explaination may work ...
(7:43:50 PM) GM (Brad): Like it Brent learned to cat those spells with pretty much any straight stick, for instance.
(7:44:13 PM) Mark Haymaker: (I no longer need the crutch of the wand?)
(7:44:27 PM) GM (Brad): Also good.
(7:44:32 PM) Chris: For those who haven't heard, I'm moving next week
(7:44:39 PM) Mark Haymaker: Me too!
(7:44:48 PM) Mark Haymaker: Where are you moving?
(7:44:51 PM) Chris: Bought a condo. Twice the size of my apartment.
(7:44:55 PM) Chris: Across town.
(7:45:01 PM) Mark Haymaker: Ah.
(7:45:28 PM) cgallett: welcome to home ownership
(7:45:43 PM) Mark Haymaker: My wand multi has always had the skill-roll linguistics.
(7:46:23 PM) GM (Brad): So, yeah, that makes sense. Might want to replace the OAF with Gestures or something.
(7:47:21 PM) Mark Haymaker: Good idea. maybe the next step would be to buy off the gestures.
(7:48:41 PM) GM (Brad): Possibly. Brent's always been more of a meticulous/formulaic type, though.
(7:50:05 PM) GM (Brad): "Now, in all this confusion, you may be asking yourself "Did he cast twelve fireballs from that wand or eleven?" Well, do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?!"
(7:50:15 PM) Chris: Hmmm.
(7:52:01 PM) GM (Brad): Chris, we'll be having a few months worth of time passing between the end of last arc and the start of this one as a note, so Heather should have plenty of time to train up for things. Also stuff.
(7:52:11 PM) Chris: Yes.
(7:52:36 PM) Chris: I'm considering a few skill points that I was missing, plus buying off the "Only when in service of the god" from the Rune Magic pool.
(7:53:02 PM) GM (Brad): Both very useful. :)
(7:53:42 PM) GM (Brad): Man, that smiley looks evil ...
(7:53:54 PM) Chris: Skills: Conversation, Persuasion, Feint...
(7:54:42 PM) Chris: And Lockpicking
(7:54:48 PM) Chris: That leaves me with 4 points left.
(7:55:26 PM) edorries [] entered the room.
(7:55:44 PM) GM (Brad): Erin! Time passes
(7:55:49 PM) edorries: Where?
(7:55:55 PM) GM (Brad): Time passes! Have XP!
(7:56:02 PM) GM (Brad): silly keyboard ...
(7:56:12 PM) edorries: Oh, like I care about time passing. Death does that, y'know. :-D
(7:56:26 PM) GM (Brad): He's the freak in the white cloak and the PJ's across the street.
(7:56:56 PM) Chris: Hm.
(7:57:07 PM) cgallett: what happened with my dance night
(7:57:20 PM) Mark Haymaker: I'm thinking of adding the word protect: Force field usable on others, maybe invisible power effect...
(7:58:02 PM) Mark Haymaker: (I upped the multi to 40, took ego attack to 4d6, took TK to 20 str fine manipulation.)
(7:58:13 PM) GM (Brad): You did quite well, actually, and managed not to get smited for a bad performance. Herself was in attandence that evening ... that part hasn't come back to bite you yet.
(7:58:23 PM) edorries: Oh, there you are, Christy. Send me your address, I can't find it in my email. cookies are ready to mail.
(7:59:02 PM) GM (Brad): *nods to Mark* All good ideas.
(7:59:15 PM) Mark Haymaker: I also upped my linguistics to 19-,
(7:59:29 PM) GM (Brad): The Word o' Protection is a good idea, especially invisible to normal sight at least.
(7:59:51 PM) edorries: Considering for Judy: Some sort of TK temper tantrum power, the throwing-things-around-the-room ability is extremely poltergeist-thematic. Also a "whispers from beyond" sort of thing so that the party can actually HEAR her would be good.
(8:00:01 PM) Chris: Hmmm.
(8:00:52 PM) Mark Haymaker: (10/10 force field, +1/2 usable on others, +1/2 invisible power effects?)
(8:01:05 PM) GM (Brad): Judy should be able to get a 'teke-storm' effect via either Change Environment (you can get minor damage from that if you push the effects) or from a small AoE power.
(8:01:19 PM) GM (Brad): Looks good, Mark.
(8:01:30 PM) GM (Brad): How many does that let you put up?
(8:01:55 PM) Mark Haymaker: Not sure. I don't remember the changes to 5th for usable on others.
(8:02:04 PM) edorries: I picked up one of the superpowers books out of the discount bin at the game store. Think I'll go look for it.
(8:02:44 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Discussion of attacks, visibility , secret IDs, and the like...
(8:02:57 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (James mishears my part of conversation "Groo, in the world of Darkness" is just spectacular)
(8:04:28 PM) edorries: (AAAAAAH!)
(8:04:35 PM) edorries: (<runs away!>)
(8:05:09 PM) Chris: Eeeeek.
(8:05:16 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Pronunciation is important... "Garou" vs. "Groo", for instance. )
(8:05:47 PM) GM (Brad): (Groo confused by stupid vampires!! - Film at 11. )
(8:05:52 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Would you prefer Thrud? And I don't mean Thor's daighter....)
(8:06:49 PM) Mark Haymaker: (If you think it is a better choice I can go 8/8 with a +1 usable on others.)
(8:07:23 PM) cgallett: 14617 battery Ridge Ln
(8:07:38 PM) cgallett: centreville
(8:07:43 PM) cgallett: 20120
(8:10:20 PM) GM (Brad): For Erin/Judy: 1 point of damage/5 points w/ Change Environment ... or you could use a small normal attack.
(8:11:10 PM) edorries: Thank you, Christy!
(8:12:21 PM) edorries: And thank you, Brad. Found the UNTIL superpowers database II, now poking through it. Can't find the ninja book, darn it.
(8:12:34 PM) GM (Brad): Gotcha. :)
(8:17:05 PM) GM (Brad): How large is Judy's pool again?
(8:20:55 PM) edorries: Sorry, nose in the book. . .let me check.
(8:21:32 PM) GM (Brad): Be careful of paper cuts with that. :)
(8:21:54 PM) edorries: Ghost Powers: EC 12 pts. Ghost Magic: MP 100 pts.
(8:23:30 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): That would scare me, if you didn't blow 2/3 of that trying ot affect us here in the physical world.
(8:24:01 PM) edorries: I used the Ghost entry in the Bestiary as my starting point.
(8:25:50 PM) GM (Brad): 4d6 normal damage, 2" radius, transdimensional; no range == 60 active points, 40 real ~= 4 points as an ultra slot.
(8:26:53 PM) GM (Brad): telekinetically throws everything in the radius around indiscriminately.
(8:28:06 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Interesting, but I'm not sure how often it will come up... great for trashing rooms, though
(8:28:31 PM) GM (Brad): You could lump in continuous for another 10 ponts active, 7 real ... 1 as an ultra and just hover there and trash the place for as long as your End holds out.
(8:28:54 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Oh great, you're a poltergeist now. After that trick, Percy went a solid week before letting you know he can hear you now, just to see how deep Judy wanted to dig herself into trouble. :)
(8:29:29 PM) edorries: I was a poltergeist *before*.
(8:30:21 PM) GM (Brad): Another easy one would be Images (all sight and hearing), transdimensional.
(8:30:39 PM) edorries: Images? That'd be more illusory, then?
(8:31:03 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): More of a knocker, really. This promotes you into the big leagues. Has she gotten better at making herself heard by mortals?
(8:31:31 PM) edorries: Imagine Judy coming into a roomful of bad guys BEFORE you all get there, or delaying a bunch that are chasing you. The flying debris won't hurt her.
(8:32:13 PM) GM (Brad): Yeah. That would let you do a slew of stuff from appearing and talking to spooky sounds and weird apparitions ...
(8:32:15 PM) edorries: Working on it. I've only been home a half hour, and spent a good part of that finding my books. Still missing some. I may have to finish this later in he week.
(8:32:49 PM) Mark Haymaker: change environment - ectoplasmic goo - 6" radius, −5" Running?
(8:33:06 PM) GM (Brad): Also good.
(8:33:23 PM) edorries: Oh, I *like* the Images.
(8:33:49 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Or +3 Running, Uncontrolled, if it's more slick...)
(8:34:18 PM) Mark Haymaker: "The air thickens… cold and clammy, with the consistency of molasses and the taste of purple."
(8:34:25 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Dex check at minus whatever to travel in the direction you wanted...
(8:34:52 PM) GM (Brad): And the Images is cheap because you don't really -want- it to look real .. at least at the outset. So ... 30 points active, 3 points as an ultra slot.
(8:35:25 PM) edorries: <takes notes>
(8:35:44 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Hmm... playing up the "handbook for the recently deceased" sort of stuff, some sort of creepyness-increasing Change Environment? You could explain the cobwebs as very thinly spun ectoplasm, and the dust as merely re-distributed
(8:35:50 PM) edorries: That'd solve the you-guys-can't-hear-me problem too.
(8:35:54 PM) Mark Haymaker: "Ghostly hands reach out from the floors, walls, ceiling, all grasping at you, snatching at your clothing, holding onto your arms and legs. "
(8:36:51 PM) GM (Brad): Change Environment: Creepy Environment, -3 to Ego rolls and Pre checks. ...
(8:37:49 PM) edorries: Other notes, for possible improvement: Lockpicking. Maybe some KS: Modern Culture, by now.
(8:38:15 PM) GM (Brad): Also good for Judy.
(8:39:17 PM) GM (Brad): ("Noisy people upstairs." "Doctor, there is no upstairs." "Ah. ... Perhaps we should run." )
(8:39:48 PM) edorries: Jangly chains, yup.
(8:40:07 PM) edorries: Contacts? KS: Spirit World?
(8:40:18 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): ("Weird moaning at all hours, rhythmic thumping, snatches of strange music, the occasional scream... I've had college students for upstairs neighbors, pretty much par for the course in NYC" "I live in the penthouse." "Ah, so more likely to be a problem we can help you with then"
(8:40:29 PM) GM (Brad): KS spirit world is definitely do able, you've been out there for a while now.
(8:40:42 PM) GM (Brad): Contacts, Judy could have a few by now.
(8:40:46 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): "Percy, you just HAD to show Judy Beetlejuice?" "Not my fault. I was interviewing Merribelle for a consulting position, and asked Judy to keep Artie out of trouble. He's the one that loaded it up on Netflix"
(8:41:12 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (TF:Giant Stripy Worm...)
(8:42:39 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (KS: Things people ask their dead (grand)parents about...)
(8:44:18 PM) GM (Brad): You guys can usually tell the real mediums by the lines of ghosts out the door.
(8:45:35 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): You could combine some of the stuff you see late night on the international channels with traditional ghostly abilities, and develop TK-assisted wacky kung fu chain attacks...
(8:46:14 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): kusari-gama... it's a scythe, on some chains, no one can say it's not thematic.... :)
(8:46:19 PM) edorries: (Meanwhile, Carl is trying to show me Canadian hockey hijinks. Yikes. Mildly distracted, excuse me)
(8:46:59 PM) Chris: Kusari-gama can be a very cool weapon, if you're playing by cinematic rules and have a lot of practice with it. :)
(8:47:09 PM) cgallett: . carol 150th 1st bull run 15 miles form my house
(8:47:12 PM) cgallett: :)
(8:47:22 PM) GM (Brad): Hee. And telekinetic ghosts can just -cheat-. :)
(8:47:56 PM) edorries: (Sorry. I live with a man who is ADHD. -- ADD, in high-definition.)
(8:48:05 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Ha!
(8:49:42 PM) edorries: (Now he's watching 80s music videos. Welcome to my life.)
(8:50:22 PM) Mark Haymaker: (Girls Just Want to Have Fun…)
(8:50:31 PM) edorries: Hey, Percy -- do you have HBO, Showtime, Starz?
(8:50:48 PM) cgallett: are we back in ny?
(8:51:00 PM) GM (Brad): Netflix so he has Starz Play.
(8:51:09 PM) GM (Brad): Yes, we'll be back in NYC.
(8:51:21 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Hypothetical class... "Secrets of Ninja Invisibility... ok, moving along, lesson 2, "Walking on Water", nevermind, let's see....)
(8:51:40 PM) edorries: Just wondering about Judy's access to horror movies.
(8:51:49 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): The office gets one of the big four, in rotation. Something the boss set up before he vanished. And he neglected to put my name on the cable contract before he dissapeared.
(8:52:06 PM) Mark Haymaker: (For the sake of all that is holy, don't show her the Ring.)
(8:52:19 PM) edorries: (I was gonna suggest that!)
(8:52:30 PM) GM (Brad): So, if most folks have spent their XP, we'll start in.
(8:52:31 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We can get you a Netflix account, you've got enough TK to operate a Wii remote...
(8:52:52 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): {Ready!}
(8:53:12 PM) edorries: (I'll spend mine a little later. Still can't find the ninja book.)
(8:54:56 PM) Mark Haymaker: (still got a few points, but I can save them for now.)
(8:55:49 PM) cgallett: for doctor lagamoph
(8:56:33 PM) GM (Brad): It is now early September. Gard and Beorning were out of communication for about a month right after you guys got back from Saratoga Springs. The Trenton Thunder had a -really- rocky first half of the baseball season with lots of injuries and a few off-field accidents, but came back strong for the last half. Gard refuses to talk about that missing month and Beorning just chuckles.
(8:57:27 PM) GM (Brad): Early September, 2010
(8:59:15 PM) GM (Brad): Brent's classes are back underway and the ballet troupe has come back to their usual home in Lincoln Center.
(9:00:41 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy is wrapping up the End-Of-Summer missing teens cases. "She's in Daytona, Mrs. Finkelstein. Really. Honest."
(9:01:21 PM) Mark Haymaker: Sigh… is the the semester where I have to teach remedial grammar?
(9:01:25 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Being a were-manatee is just so hard on your family...)
(9:01:43 PM) GM (Brad): Well, Brent's version of remedial grammar, yes.
(9:02:45 PM) GM (Brad): Intro to Dead Languages, Latin 101 ... that kind of thing.
(9:04:29 PM) Mark Haymaker: amo, amas, amat...
(9:04:34 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): "Quick question, Brent, is it 'Vade retro satana me', or 'Vade retro me satana'?"
(9:04:53 PM) GM (Brad): It is proving to be a stereotypical Monda for Mike. Bad traffic, unfortunate beverage related incident involving two cats and a large dog, tedious case-wrapping paperwork and a new case on referral from an affiliated insurance group. They do corporate work and one of their clients had a break-in over the weekend and asked for Mike specifically.
(9:05:14 PM) Mark Haymaker: satana me
(9:05:29 PM) Mark Haymaker: why do you ask?
(9:05:30 PM) edorries: Santana me?
(9:06:28 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): "Thanks!" *whack*smash*thump*chopchopchop* "Dominus tibi sit chutney"
(9:11:23 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): There are roughly three sorts of people who ask for me specifically. Those who have heard of my reputation as someone who does occasionally impossible things and simply decide they can afford the best; they get excellent mundane service and as many expensive add-on charges as I can come up with. Sometimes this discourages them from doing it again, sometimes it pays for redecorating my office. Then there are those that have had weird problems before, and are very twitchy about suspecting mystic interference behind everything; they get reassurance and relatively normal fees, with a few "special consultation" add-ons. Then there are those that have genuine mystic problems; they get charged on sliding scale based on ability to pay, and a reminder to call a professional while your fridge is merely emitting the odd whiff of brimstone, well before it becomes a portal to hell.
(9:14:23 PM) GM (Brad): Mike is given the address. Its a warehouse in Queens belonging to Argent Shipping and Imports. Mike would know that as Salvatore Manfriedi's company.
(9:14:53 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): That could be 2 or 3. Go prepared.
(9:14:55 PM) edorries: (That'd be column 3, I think.)
(9:15:18 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): That's the climelord of our acquaintence who, last check, never wanted to see us ever again.
(9:16:47 PM) GM (Brad): In the caper with the Rakshasa. He had to put his son down.
(9:20:47 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Set up routine dead-drop message; if I'm not able to get to a computer or smartphone in a few hours to cancel it, it will send a $1 Amazon gift certificate to Monoc and Percy with a comment field explaining where I'm going and why.
(9:22:44 PM) cgallett: ok if no one is going to call Anya she is going to head home to get a nap
(9:23:10 PM) GM (Brad): Its a large warehouse and Mike can see a number of vehicles pulled up near it in haphazard fashion as well as plenty of police tape. Carlo, Sal's bulldog of a right-hand man, is waiting for you as you pull in. "You made good time comin' in from Jersey. The Boss is inside, finishin' up with the cops. Took one look at the mess in there and said we needed to call you ... needless t'say, he's in a mood."
(9:23:48 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (It's cheap, legal, secured by top of the line commercial security, covert, and requires taking down a significant fraction of the entire Amazon network, arguably the word's most redundant computing cluster, to stop. )
(9:24:49 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Cool, I have an Amazon Gift certificare! Crap, Mike's in trouble, it'll cost more than a dollar to clear that up)
(9:25:43 PM) GM (Brad): (Actually, I think their minimum is $5, which in the Big Apple buys cheap, yet pretentious, coffee. )
(9:26:12 PM) Chris: (This is the Big Apple. Pretentious coffee is a minimum of $10.)
(9:26:53 PM) GM (Brad): (I sit corrected. :) )
(9:27:26 PM) GM (Brad): ($5 is more the Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee. )
(9:28:33 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Sorry to hear that. I'll try and make as little fuss as practical, but let's see what we've got."
(9:28:38 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Anya, you told me to leave you alone for a while after I asked you to help me get Mrs.Menedez' son out of that haunted brothel in Hoboken...)
(9:28:43 PM) GM (Brad): Carlo will lead Mike through the police and past the tape with a minimum of fuss, they've been told to expect an insurance investigator and their CSI guys have cleared the place.
(9:30:11 PM) GM (Brad): The warehouse has been systematically ransacked. Crates have been staved in, the office has been tossed, the locked files have been broken into
(9:30:34 PM) GM (Brad): and the safe has been cut open with what looks like a plasma cutter.
(9:31:34 PM) GM (Brad): Don Salvatore is towards the back, just finishing up with the detective from the robbery division. He'll nod and wave the officer off as you approach.
(9:32:04 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Well, that gets right past the glass-plate relocker and assorted anti-tamper mechanisms."
(9:33:53 PM) GM (Brad): Sal nods, "And only cooks some of the papers inside. Thank you for coming, Mister Hammond. I'll let you do your usual investigation in a moment but there are a few things I would like to point out to you right away, if I might?"
(9:34:48 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (if you're already taking what amounts to a lightsaber to the roor, the fiddly bits inside don't really matter all that much, now do they?)
(9:35:04 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

Running the magical sight... PER: 3d6 = 7, Success by 7 against a 14 (2, 2, 3). Any signs of magical residue, latent curses, or the like?

(9:37:45 PM) GM (Brad): There are the tatters of some kind of magic, feels like a blessing over the place, that was centered one the main door at one point ... something took that down hard. Several of the crates seem to hold blessed items of some sort and, of course, there's the cross and rosary that Sal carries with him. There was something ... more ... in the small crate near Sal's left elbow, which was pried open in the course of the robbery. A strong blessing ... and something to do with fire.
(9:38:30 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Certainly. Folks don't go to this sort of trouble unless there's a reason."
(9:40:33 PM) GM (Brad): Sal will lead Mike to the main loading doors and points out four spots where the metal framing was cut out in tea-cup sized circles: one at the top-center, one at the left-center, one at the right-center and one at the bottom-center. "Are you familiar with Christian artifacts and relics, Mr. Hammond?"
(9:42:48 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "To a limited degree; they're not quite as likely to be stolen these days as misshapen south-sea idols carved from basalt, but they occasionally come up"
(9:43:08 PM) GM (Brad): The cuts don't got all the way through, more like a cookie-cutter into an I-beam.
(9:44:49 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

(My closest skill is probably KS: Catholic Rituals; Skill: 3d6 = 8, Success by 3 against a 11 (1, 1, 6); PS: Archaeologist at the same level)

(9:45:39 PM) GM (Brad): Sal nods, "A few weeks ago I came across a rather notable artifact at an estate auction. As a service to the Church I keep my eyes peeled for that sort of thing and make donations for the recovery of such things. This particular artifact was a plate mail gauntlet, reasonably good workmanship, French mediaval period. It had been brought to the States by a soldier serving in France during World War II."
(9:48:11 PM) GM (Brad): "When his widow died, everthing was auctioned off which is how I came to acquire it. My sources believe it to be part of the armor of St. Jean d'Arc."
(9:48:25 PM) Mark Haymaker: *blinka*
(9:48:33 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (+10 rPD, -10 rED... :)
(9:48:47 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy feels the general forboding all the way over here in the Bronx.
(9:49:12 PM) GM (Brad): ("Oh, the Jedi are going to feel this one ... " )
(9:50:03 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): *looks out the window* "Destiny, are my eyes playing tricks again or are there crucifixes dueling it out up towards the sun?"
(9:50:12 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Gauntlet of Dubious Leadership: +3 STR, +3 CHA, ocassional causes Hallucination, grants Vulnerability to Fire...)
(9:53:29 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "She's one of those interesting people firmly astride the boundary between history and legend. You haven't gotten mysterious communications from someone trying to complete the set, have you?"
(9:53:46 PM) GM (Brad): "It was to be shipped out to Rome at the end of the week, actually."
(9:56:14 PM) GM (Brad): "The Vatican is the only collector I've been in contact with for this one, Mr. Hammond. Are you familiar with a wartime legend about a firey army repelling a German infantry company?"
(9:57:27 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Not previously, but I'm beginning to see the trend here"
(9:59:25 PM) GM (Brad): Sal nods, "Some believe that this artifact was involved. I honestly do not understand that sort of power, Mr. Hammond, I'm just an old businessman with a checkered past ... but I think that you and your friends might. That gauntlet needs to be recovered, Mr. Hammond."
(10:03:01 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Even if it's provenance is unclear, the number of people who will attach importance to it for the mere chance merits recovery; and if it is a true artifact, the value becomes difficult to calculate via ordinary means, but certainly high indeed..."
(10:03:42 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (oh great, I'm Anglican tradition, it's Catholic. Bloody guantlet will probably try to Force-choke me first chance it gets)
(10:04:15 PM) Mark Haymaker: (At least you aren't english.)
(10:06:05 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (The Cartwright Sword is. And trust me, most Joan of Arc artifacts outrank it ecclesiastically. )
(10:07:17 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (They at least have nearly two centuries of seniority)
(10:07:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (My background is in fact French Catholic... but there were several sub-factions, I'll need to think about which)
(10:07:22 PM) edorries: (Lessee. . . I'm of WASP descent, not particularly pious pre-death, and not exactly on the Nice list now. Probably won't like me either.)
(10:07:48 PM) GM (Brad): Sal nods, "As a mere antique it is worth a few hundred on its own, much more as part of a complete suit. As even a suspected artifact is it incredibly valuabe and a true artifact its value is, well ... it would be priceless. And in the wrong hands, well, God only knows what could be done. I would like to think that wrong hands couldn't use it, but I've seen such things happen before."
(10:11:37 PM) GM (Brad): He points to the cut out parts of the doorframe, "You see those holes? I had a guy I know etch signs of protection there, right there where the cutting was done. It was supposed to keep certain sorts of people out ... and the thieves knew about it. They believed enough to cut the signs out."
(10:16:36 PM) GM (Brad): The holes look to have been cut with a torch or, well, a plasma cutter.
(10:17:05 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Ok, when you have a plasma cutter, everything begins to look like the coupon section of the new York Times, i guess. that's a rather unusual and frustrating sense of style the thieves have....
(10:19:33 PM) cgallett: NIGH NIGHT all
(10:19:58 PM) edorries: <wave>
(10:20:04 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Belief is a strange and powerful force. Clearly this is a highly targeted incident, with perpetrators knowledgeable about the security they might face; chances are there's at least one serious professional involved which may help narrow the field. It's of interest why they chose here to strike, but perhaps they expected the eventual buyer might not have the time or knowledge to set up as much security. Were there any other bidders that seemed particularly intense, or particularly disappointed in loosing?
(10:21:58 PM) GM (Brad): Sal shakes his head, "Not really, unless you count a couple of snot-nosed college kids who couldn't go higher than five-hundred for it. They talked some trash, but that was all."
(10:23:46 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "As long as they didn't have a curiously clever animal sidekick, they'
(10:23:56 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): .... they're probably not the real problem"
(10:25:31 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (And remember everybody, My Little Ponies _suck_ at Rock, paper, Scissors)
(10:26:50 PM) GM (Brad): "Heh. No. I looked into the guy who brought it from France ... Sgt. Bennie Malloy. Born, raised and died in Scranton. His widow, Elsie, was said to have been a lovely woman, very good with kids and pretty much grandmothered her whole block. Good Catholics, but that's as far as they went."
(10:31:11 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Nicely mundane. One assumes that he got it off of some Nazi art thief and/or occultist?"
(10:31:55 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (found it in the basement of a bombed out church...)
(10:32:57 PM) GM (Brad): Sal shrugs, "The two folks who would've known that were dead by the time I found it. I would have expected a bombed out church, personally, but ol' Shickelgruber was big on that kind of thing."
(10:37:31 PM) GM (Brad): Anyway!
(10:37:57 PM) cgallett left the room.
(10:38:57 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Check the place over; the box is obviously interesting, and what amounts to "tool marks" for the cut wall and safe might be interesting. Particularly, do they actually match with what can be done with mundane albeit expensive and unusual equipment?
(10:39:48 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Or more like the claws of a Behemoth Overlord...)
(10:41:53 PM) GM (Brad): The tool marks are pretty consistent with a plasma cutter, very precise application of one heck of a lot of heat. There are signs that a crow bar was used to pry out the cut-out portion of the safe, as there are flattened parts of the remains of about the right width. Looking over some of the opened crates also looks like pry-bars were used as well as a power drill on a couple of the more sealed crates.
(10:42:37 PM) GM (Brad): The drill was used to remove the long screws holding the sides on one of the crates, there are marks on them consistent with a head turning out once or twice.
(10:45:00 PM) GM (Brad): The one thing you're not finding ... the footprints in some of the sawdust and debris kicked up in this are, well ... wrong.
(10:46:20 PM) GM (Brad): It could be multiple sets, its hard to tell, but there's one set of normal workboot treaded footprints ... and more footprints that are ... neither left nor right and have no tread.
(10:48:04 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (They used gravity boots to ge around)
(10:48:41 PM) GM (Brad): No tread, just a smooth bottom ... not even a heel mark seperate from the rest of the shoe.
(10:49:02 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Weird. Either a bad 50s robot who was equipped with the plasma cutter, or someone with a seriously accurate medieval clothing habit
(10:49:07 PM) edorries: (Robots!)
(10:49:55 PM) Mark Haymaker: (Would a CSI bootie leave similar marks?)
(10:51:28 PM) GM (Brad): (Not really? They'd be very indistinct but there would still be traces from any underlying footwear. )
(10:53:36 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Medieval shoes were typically produced on "straight lasts", and were for either foot. With wear the leather would stretch differently so if worn on the same feet they'd develop a more distinct shape in the uppers, but the sole would still be ... ambi-pedous?
(10:55:23 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Anyone who has been in the SCA knows that, as well as other re-creation societies... historical dress shoe-making is very expensive and difficult to replicate. Wearing one everyday would be a *seriously* strange quirk.
(10:55:54 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Unless you're a vampire, immortal, time traveller, or whatever who wears them as a matter of course
(10:57:02 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): GM says no roll to them... ok, it could be someone with a confuse-the-followers footprint smearing stamp
(10:57:39 PM) GM (Brad): It doesn't help that the place was kept pretty clean to start with, the footprints are kind of sparse.
(10:59:29 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Mike at this point knows to try to get samples of whatever was in contact with the artifact)
(11:02:36 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I'm going to be curious about the ambiguous footprints.. see if there are any traces of metal, leather, etc. under microscopic investigation. Worst case, take a high-res micro-setting digital photo, and suggest the CSI folks take extra care
(11:03:18 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): If I can get a scrap of lining or splinter from the gauntlet box, that might be good for Percy
(11:04:51 PM) GM (Brad): That can be arranged.
(11:06:51 PM) GM (Brad): Taking a much closer look you do spot a couple of turn scuffs that show a bit of roll to them, but otherwise these are very hard-edged prints.
(11:08:28 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): OK, less likely they glued fake bottoms to their shoes, more like they came along with the monofoot stamp behind them to obfuscate evidence
(11:12:50 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Right, can't wait for Mike to call the rest of us. This should be hilarious.
(11:16:34 PM) GM (Brad): Which I think we'll get to for next time. Its after 11 and folks are starting to get distracted on this end.
(11:16:52 PM) edorries: Note to Nate: Not sure about my game status for Sunday.
(11:16:54 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Been trying to decide who I can excuse inviting to the actual scene... probably not the whole crew. I'm thinking Percy or Brent could be explained away as specific consultants
(11:17:26 PM) Chris: Hilde/Heather has worked with the police before.
(11:17:27 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Of course, Judy can choose to invite herself along as well...)
(11:17:34 PM) edorries: Carl's somehow managed to convince me to drive up to Poulsbo to bake hardtack. I suppose if I help, it'll go faster. :-P
(11:17:50 PM) GM (Brad): ("And what are you consulting with, young lady?" "I'm here to carry the Prof's books." )
(11:17:55 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Ok, will try not to get nari killed in the war)
(11:18:16 PM) edorries: <sigh> Must not throttle boyfriend, must not throttle boyfriend . . . .
(11:18:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I kept trying to convince Christy to make shortbread with the hardtack-pattern-cutter and sell them at events
(11:18:29 PM) GM (Brad): Doesn't that stuff set like cement?
(11:18:35 PM) edorries: The biscotti-hardtack were hilarious.
(11:18:43 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Must not force feed boyfriend hardtack...)
(11:19:29 PM) edorries: Dropped hardtack will bounce. And not even chip. Ick.
(11:19:52 PM) GM (Brad): hardtack cutter ... I see this cookie cutter connected to a large steam piston ...
(11:20:14 PM) edorries: I *wish*. It'd go a lot faster.
(11:23:58 PM) GM (Brad): ("I think my alphabits are haunted." "Heh, what do they say? Ooooooo?" "No ... they say 'Where's that triple word space.'" )
(11:24:22 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy picks up the phone. "Mike! Good to hear from you. Could you explain to me why my alphabet soup is telling me to GET OUT?"
(11:24:56 PM) edorries: It's not me! I didn't do it!
(11:25:10 PM) GM (Brad): (Destiny in the background) "And Uncle Pedro has nothing to do with it."
(11:25:57 PM) Mark Haymaker: Ok, then. I guess you guys have a good night then.
(11:26:27 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): '*mutter* and I don't want to know how Pedro got in here in the first place..."
(11:26:28 PM) GM (Brad): Night! Keep in touch, Mark.
(11:26:47 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Night Mark!
(11:27:26 PM) edorries: <wave>
(11:27:50 PM) Mark Haymaker left the room.
(11:28:36 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Percy keeps swearing to stop doing this to himself, but the one time his alpha-bits told him when to call the radio station so Destiny could win those voncert tickets she wanted...)
(11:29:02 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Just don't switch to the Disney Princess Spaghetti-Os
(11:29:43 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Especially if you mix them with the dinosaur ones
(11:38:53 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy is thrilled with the new case, but will head over.
(11:39:15 PM) edorries: Shrug. Tag along.
(11:39:25 PM) GM (Brad): And we'll call it there. Next time we'll pull people in quicker.
(11:40:02 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Judy just like parasailing off the back of my motorbike
(11:40:27 PM) edorries: Wouldn't try it if I were alive. Mayyyybe.
(11:46:54 PM) edorries: <wave wave> Night, all
(11:46:57 PM) edorries left the room.
(11:47:08 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Some of our suggestions for Judy to abuse her abilities do stem from a genuine concern that being dead might, well, depress her.
(11:48:33 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate) left the room.
(11:50:03 PM) GM (Brad): Night!