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(6/6/2011 9:38:37 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Certainly. Folks don't go to this sort of trouble unless there's a reason."
(6/6/2011 9:40:40 PM) GM (Brad): Sal will lead Mike to the main loading doors and points out four spots where the metal framing was cut out in tea-cup sized circles: one at the top-center, one at the left-center, one at the right-center and one at the bottom-center. "Are you familiar with Christian artifacts and relics, Mr. Hammond?"
(6/6/2011 9:42:55 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "To a limited degree; they're not quite as likely to be stolen these days as misshapen south-sea idols carved from basalt, but they occasionally come up"
(6/6/2011 9:43:15 PM) GM (Brad): The cuts don't got all the way through, more like a cookie-cutter into an I-beam.
(6/6/2011 9:44:56 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

(My closest skill is probably KS: Catholic Rituals; Skill: 3d6 = 8, Success by 3 against a 11 (1, 1, 6); PS: Archaeologist at the same level)

(6/6/2011 9:45:46 PM) GM (Brad): Sal nods, "A few weeks ago I came across a rather notable artifact at an estate auction. As a service to the Church I keep my eyes peeled for that sort of thing and make donations for the recovery of such things. This particular artifact was a plate mail gauntlet, reasonably good workmanship, French mediaval period. It had been brought to the States by a soldier serving in France during World War II."
(6/6/2011 9:48:18 PM) GM (Brad): "When his widow died, everthing was auctioned off which is how I came to acquire it. My sources believe it to be part of the armor of St. Jean d'Arc."
(6/6/2011 9:48:32 PM) Mark Haymaker: *blinka*
(6/6/2011 9:48:40 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (+10 rPD, -10 rED... :)
(6/6/2011 9:48:54 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy feels the general forboding all the way over here in the Bronx.
(6/6/2011 9:49:19 PM) GM (Brad): ("Oh, the Jedi are going to feel this one ... " )
(6/6/2011 9:50:09 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): *looks out the window* "Destiny, are my eyes playing tricks again or are there crucifixes dueling it out up towards the sun?"
(6/6/2011 9:50:19 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Gauntlet of Dubious Leadership: +3 STR, +3 CHA, ocassional causes Hallucination, grants Vulnerability to Fire...)
(6/6/2011 9:53:36 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "She's one of those interesting people firmly astride the boundary between history and legend. You haven't gotten mysterious communications from someone trying to complete the set, have you?"
(6/6/2011 9:53:52 PM) GM (Brad): "It was to be shipped out to Rome at the end of the week, actually."
(6/6/2011 9:56:21 PM) GM (Brad): "The Vatican is the only collector I've been in contact with for this one, Mr. Hammond. Are you familiar with a wartime legend about a firey army repelling a German infantry company?"
(6/6/2011 9:57:34 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Not previously, but I'm beginning to see the trend here"
(6/6/2011 9:59:32 PM) GM (Brad): Sal nods, "Some believe that this artifact was involved. I honestly do not understand that sort of power, Mr. Hammond, I'm just an old businessman with a checkered past ... but I think that you and your friends might. That gauntlet needs to be recovered, Mr. Hammond."
(6/6/2011 10:03:08 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Even if it's provenance is unclear, the number of people who will attach importance to it for the mere chance merits recovery; and if it is a true artifact, the value becomes difficult to calculate via ordinary means, but certainly high indeed..."
(6/6/2011 10:03:49 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (oh great, I'm Anglican tradition, it's Catholic. Bloody guantlet will probably try to Force-choke me first chance it gets)
(6/6/2011 10:04:22 PM) Mark Haymaker: (At least you aren't english.)
(6/6/2011 10:06:12 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (The Cartwright Sword is. And trust me, most Joan of Arc artifacts outrank it ecclesiastically. )
(6/6/2011 10:07:24 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (They at least have nearly two centuries of seniority)
(6/6/2011 10:07:27 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (My background is in fact French Catholic... but there were several sub-factions, I'll need to think about which)
(6/6/2011 10:07:29 PM) edorries: (Lessee. . . I'm of WASP descent, not particularly pious pre-death, and not exactly on the Nice list now. Probably won't like me either.)
(6/6/2011 10:07:55 PM) GM (Brad): Sal nods, "As a mere antique it is worth a few hundred on its own, much more as part of a complete suit. As even a suspected artifact is it incredibly valuabe and a true artifact its value is, well ... it would be priceless. And in the wrong hands, well, God only knows what could be done. I would like to think that wrong hands couldn't use it, but I've seen such things happen before."
(6/6/2011 10:11:43 PM) GM (Brad): He points to the cut out parts of the doorframe, "You see those holes? I had a guy I know etch signs of protection there, right there where the cutting was done. It was supposed to keep certain sorts of people out ... and the thieves knew about it. They believed enough to cut the signs out."
(6/6/2011 10:16:42 PM) GM (Brad): The holes look to have been cut with a torch or, well, a plasma cutter.
(6/6/2011 10:17:12 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Ok, when you have a plasma cutter, everything begins to look like the coupon section of the new York Times, i guess. that's a rather unusual and frustrating sense of style the thieves have....
(6/6/2011 10:19:40 PM) cgallett: NIGH NIGHT all
(6/6/2011 10:20:05 PM) edorries: <wave>
(6/6/2011 10:20:11 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Belief is a strange and powerful force. Clearly this is a highly targeted incident, with perpetrators knowledgeable about the security they might face; chances are there's at least one serious professional involved which may help narrow the field. It's of interest why they chose here to strike, but perhaps they expected the eventual buyer might not have the time or knowledge to set up as much security. Were there any other bidders that seemed particularly intense, or particularly disappointed in loosing?
(6/6/2011 10:22:05 PM) GM (Brad): Sal shakes his head, "Not really, unless you count a couple of snot-nosed college kids who couldn't go higher than five-hundred for it. They talked some trash, but that was all."
(6/6/2011 10:23:53 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "As long as they didn't have a curiously clever animal sidekick, they'
(6/6/2011 10:24:03 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): .... they're probably not the real problem"
(6/6/2011 10:25:38 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (And remember everybody, My Little Ponies _suck_ at Rock, paper, Scissors)
(6/6/2011 10:26:57 PM) GM (Brad): "Heh. No. I looked into the guy who brought it from France ... Sgt. Bennie Malloy. Born, raised and died in Scranton. His widow, Elsie, was said to have been a lovely woman, very good with kids and pretty much grandmothered her whole block. Good Catholics, but that's as far as they went."
(6/6/2011 10:31:18 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Nicely mundane. One assumes that he got it off of some Nazi art thief and/or occultist?"
(6/6/2011 10:32:02 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (found it in the basement of a bombed out church...)
(6/6/2011 10:33:04 PM) GM (Brad): Sal shrugs, "The two folks who would've known that were dead by the time I found it. I would have expected a bombed out church, personally, but ol' Shickelgruber was big on that kind of thing."
(6/6/2011 10:37:38 PM) GM (Brad): Anyway!
(6/6/2011 10:39:03 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Check the place over; the box is obviously interesting, and what amounts to "tool marks" for the cut wall and safe might be interesting. Particularly, do they actually match with what can be done with mundane albeit expensive and unusual equipment?
(6/6/2011 10:39:55 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Or more like the claws of a Behemoth Overlord...)
(6/6/2011 10:42:00 PM) GM (Brad): The tool marks are pretty consistent with a plasma cutter, very precise application of one heck of a lot of heat. There are signs that a crow bar was used to pry out the cut-out portion of the safe, as there are flattened parts of the remains of about the right width. Looking over some of the opened crates also looks like pry-bars were used as well as a power drill on a couple of the more sealed crates.
(6/6/2011 10:42:43 PM) GM (Brad): The drill was used to remove the long screws holding the sides on one of the crates, there are marks on them consistent with a head turning out once or twice.
(6/6/2011 10:45:07 PM) GM (Brad): The one thing you're not finding ... the footprints in some of the sawdust and debris kicked up in this are, well ... wrong.
(6/6/2011 10:46:26 PM) GM (Brad): It could be multiple sets, its hard to tell, but there's one set of normal workboot treaded footprints ... and more footprints that are ... neither left nor right and have no tread.
(6/6/2011 10:48:11 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (They used gravity boots to ge around)
(6/6/2011 10:48:48 PM) GM (Brad): No tread, just a smooth bottom ... not even a heel mark seperate from the rest of the shoe.
(6/6/2011 10:49:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Weird. Either a bad 50s robot who was equipped with the plasma cutter, or someone with a seriously accurate medieval clothing habit
(6/6/2011 10:49:14 PM) edorries: (Robots!)
(6/6/2011 10:50:02 PM) Mark Haymaker: (Would a CSI bootie leave similar marks?)
(6/6/2011 10:51:35 PM) GM (Brad): (Not really? They'd be very indistinct but there would still be traces from any underlying footwear. )
(6/6/2011 10:53:43 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Medieval shoes were typically produced on "straight lasts", and were for either foot. With wear the leather would stretch differently so if worn on the same feet they'd develop a more distinct shape in the uppers, but the sole would still be ... ambi-pedous?
(6/6/2011 10:55:30 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Anyone who has been in the SCA knows that, as well as other re-creation societies... historical dress shoe-making is very expensive and difficult to replicate. Wearing one everyday would be a *seriously* strange quirk.
(6/6/2011 10:56:01 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Unless you're a vampire, immortal, time traveller, or whatever who wears them as a matter of course
(6/6/2011 10:57:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): GM says no roll to them... ok, it could be someone with a confuse-the-followers footprint smearing stamp
(6/6/2011 10:57:46 PM) GM (Brad): It doesn't help that the place was kept pretty clean to start with, the footprints are kind of sparse.
(6/6/2011 10:59:36 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Mike at this point knows to try to get samples of whatever was in contact with the artifact)
(6/6/2011 11:02:43 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I'm going to be curious about the ambiguous footprints.. see if there are any traces of metal, leather, etc. under microscopic investigation. Worst case, take a high-res micro-setting digital photo, and suggest the CSI folks take extra care
(6/6/2011 11:03:25 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): If I can get a scrap of lining or splinter from the gauntlet box, that might be good for Percy
(6/6/2011 11:04:58 PM) GM (Brad): That can be arranged.
(6/6/2011 11:06:57 PM) GM (Brad): Taking a much closer look you do spot a couple of turn scuffs that show a bit of roll to them, but otherwise these are very hard-edged prints.
(6/6/2011 11:08:35 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): OK, less likely they glued fake bottoms to their shoes, more like they came along with the monofoot stamp behind them to obfuscate evidence
(6/6/2011 11:12:57 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Right, can't wait for Mike to call the rest of us. This should be hilarious.
(6/6/2011 11:16:41 PM) GM (Brad): Which I think we'll get to for next time. Its after 11 and folks are starting to get distracted on this end.
(6/6/2011 11:16:59 PM) edorries: Note to Nate: Not sure about my game status for Sunday.
(6/6/2011 11:17:01 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Been trying to decide who I can excuse inviting to the actual scene... probably not the whole crew. I'm thinking Percy or Brent could be explained away as specific consultants
(6/6/2011 11:17:32 PM) Chris: Hilde/Heather has worked with the police before.
(6/6/2011 11:17:34 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Of course, Judy can choose to invite herself along as well...)
(6/6/2011 11:17:41 PM) edorries: Carl's somehow managed to convince me to drive up to Poulsbo to bake hardtack. I suppose if I help, it'll go faster. :-P
(6/6/2011 11:17:57 PM) GM (Brad): ("And what are you consulting with, young lady?" "I'm here to carry the Prof's books." )
(6/6/2011 11:18:02 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Ok, will try not to get nari killed in the war)
(6/6/2011 11:18:23 PM) edorries: <sigh> Must not throttle boyfriend, must not throttle boyfriend . . . .
(6/6/2011 11:18:27 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I kept trying to convince Christy to make shortbread with the hardtack-pattern-cutter and sell them at events
(6/6/2011 11:18:36 PM) GM (Brad): Doesn't that stuff set like cement?
(6/6/2011 11:18:42 PM) edorries: The biscotti-hardtack were hilarious.
(6/6/2011 11:18:50 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Must not force feed boyfriend hardtack...)
(6/6/2011 11:19:36 PM) edorries: Dropped hardtack will bounce. And not even chip. Ick.
(6/6/2011 11:19:58 PM) GM (Brad): hardtack cutter ... I see this cookie cutter connected to a large steam piston ...
(6/6/2011 11:20:21 PM) edorries: I *wish*. It'd go a lot faster.
(6/6/2011 11:24:05 PM) GM (Brad): ("I think my alphabits are haunted." "Heh, what do they say? Ooooooo?" "No ... they say 'Where's that triple word space.'" )
(6/6/2011 11:24:28 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy picks up the phone. "Mike! Good to hear from you. Could you explain to me why my alphabet soup is telling me to GET OUT?"
(6/6/2011 11:25:03 PM) edorries: It's not me! I didn't do it!
(6/6/2011 11:25:17 PM) GM (Brad): (Destiny in the background) "And Uncle Pedro has nothing to do with it."
(6/6/2011 11:26:04 PM) Mark Haymaker: Ok, then. I guess you guys have a good night then.
(6/6/2011 11:26:34 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): '*mutter* and I don't want to know how Pedro got in here in the first place..."
(6/6/2011 11:26:35 PM) GM (Brad): Night! Keep in touch, Mark.
(6/6/2011 11:26:54 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Night Mark!
(6/6/2011 11:27:33 PM) edorries: <wave>
(6/6/2011 11:28:43 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): (Percy keeps swearing to stop doing this to himself, but the one time his alpha-bits told him when to call the radio station so Destiny could win those voncert tickets she wanted...)
(6/6/2011 11:29:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Just don't switch to the Disney Princess Spaghetti-Os
(6/6/2011 11:29:49 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Especially if you mix them with the dinosaur ones
(6/6/2011 11:39:00 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Percy is thrilled with the new case, but will head over.
(6/6/2011 11:39:22 PM) edorries: Shrug. Tag along.
(6/6/2011 11:39:32 PM) GM (Brad): And we'll call it there. Next time we'll pull people in quicker.
(6/6/2011 11:40:09 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Judy just like parasailing off the back of my motorbike
(6/6/2011 11:40:34 PM) edorries: Wouldn't try it if I were alive. Mayyyybe.
(6/6/2011 11:47:00 PM) edorries: <wave wave> Night, all
(6/6/2011 11:47:15 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Some of our suggestions for Judy to abuse her abilities do stem from a genuine concern that being dead might, well, depress her.
(6/6/2011 11:50:10 PM) GM (Brad): Night!
(6:20:15 PM) cgallett [] entered the room.
(6:20:21 PM) shurato2099: Hallo!
(6:20:28 PM) cgallett: hi
(6:20:33 PM) cgallett: how are you
(6:22:11 PM) shurato2099: Not bad. Thinking of stuff to cook up for the Fire this weekend.
(6:23:21 PM) cgallett: Have I had any luck finding a more esertaric master
(6:25:29 PM) shurato2099: Refresh my memory as to what you've been looking for and how you're going about it?
(6:26:26 PM) cgallett: Looking for some one to teach me more cenimatic thing like punching thing over there with out tuching
(6:26:50 PM) cgallett: ranged marshal arts
(6:27:22 PM) cgallett: Been looking since that first night in the hospital
(6:31:22 PM) shurato2099: The 'ranged punching' thing is going to be incredibly hard to find, mostly due to being closely guarded secrets. You can, however, find people more than willing to teach various applications of Quigong (body hardening and breaking techniques) and that might be a good place to start.
(6:32:44 PM) cgallett: ok
(6:34:31 PM) shurato2099: The "bell ringing blow" is right up there with the dim-mak (death touch) on the esoterica scale, typically guarded family secrets. Arts that could lead to it are generally soft styles like Bagua, Hsing-I and sometimes Tai-Chi Chuan. Anya's a fairly hard stylist at the moment.
(6:37:47 PM) cgallett: ok
(6:38:19 PM) shurato2099: James home, we're talking about getting you some cineamatic martial arts movies to watch over your visit. :)
(6:38:53 PM) cgallett: if can't have them what is the poin
(6:39:25 PM) shurato2099: It isn't that you can't have them its that you're not likely to find somebody to teach you the advanced stuff in a few months time.
(6:40:27 PM) shurato2099: Its a potential path for Anya but we need to figure out the direction you want to go and what kind of cineamatic master I'm going to saddle you with. :)
(6:41:00 PM) cgallett: i want the turtle
(6:41:10 PM) shurato2099: The turtle?
(6:41:35 PM) cgallett: kong fu panda
(6:41:57 PM) shurato2099: Ah.
(6:42:45 PM) jdunson [] entered the room.
(6:42:52 PM) jdunson: Greetings
(6:43:22 PM) shurato2099: Its doable, NYC has a goodly sized Chinatown. And Little Korea. And ... :)
(6:44:18 PM) jdunson is now known as Mike Hammond (James D)
(6:44:54 PM) shurato2099: It also has a Shao-Lin chapter, although he seems to be mostly quigong style stuff.
(6:45:30 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I'd point out that there are quite a few fictional examples of people upgrading to cinematic martial arts in a few weeks to a few months of intensive training with the right master...
(6:47:16 PM) shurato2099: Shush, you, the GM's trying to cover his backside over here. :)
(6:48:41 PM) nmorse [] entered the room.
(6:49:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We discuss that, as a ballet prima donna, hand/knuckle hardening techniques would be problematic... but similar foot-hardening techniques would both be more useful and could be explained away as the eccentric training techniques of someone who doesn't want to bleed in their toe shoes
(6:50:51 PM) shurato2099: Okay, so you're looking for the esoteric external chi tricks ...
(6:52:12 PM) shurato2099: You do have the advantage that you already do one of the advanced Bagua tricks on your own: you can deck ghosts.
(6:53:20 PM) cgallett: i can talk to then too
(6:54:01 PM) shurato2099: Which will likely be the two hooks to get you into somebody's good graces to learn stuff like that.
(6:55:26 PM) nmorse: You can already extend your energies into another plane of existance! Simply extending them ten feet in front of you in this one should be a piece of cake! (says the guy with no overt inherent powers of his own)
(6:55:38 PM) shurato2099: In the short term, anybody who'd be willing to teach will want Anya to know the art surrounding it (minimum 3 maneuvers and a knowledge skill for the style) ...
(6:56:31 PM) nmorse: (With luck, there's overlap with Capoeria)
(7:04:34 PM) shurato2099: Okay, so I'm thinking either real Tai-chi (the combat form rather than the exercise form) or Hsing-I. Both are pretty much legendary for their chi techniques.
(7:07:11 PM) shurato2099: How much XP did you have left from last time?
(7:09:37 PM) cgallett: none
(7:15:00 PM) shurato2099: Okay. For the time being, then, we'll say that Anya's found a school that "feels different". It took her a while to find something that didn't just feel like a commercial dojo, there's something of heart in this one. The instructors describe their training as a combination of the "big three" soft forms: Bagua, Hsing-I and Taiji-chuan (they never call it tai-chi, always taiji). I'll do some NPC work for next time.
(7:17:27 PM) shurato2099: Its in Chinatown and the front room looks like it used to be a restaurant before it got converted. Anya's coming to the realization that this stuff is -really- different from what she'd been learning about Capoeira.
(7:18:25 PM) shurato2099: (there's basically zero overlap between the maneuvers she's got from Capoeira and Tai-chi, for instance.)
(7:20:50 PM) Chris [] entered the room.
(7:20:55 PM) cgallett: (my first class the streatch was to put you feet over you head)
(7:21:09 PM) cgallett: (anya can do this :) )
(7:21:47 PM) Chris: (*grin*)
(7:23:54 PM) shurato2099: She can manage a Bagua-style low kick in short order, but everything else ... there's a fundamental philosophy difference. Capoeira is all Anya moving, this stuff has a lot of 'let other people do the work'.
(7:27:14 PM) shurato2099: So it'll be a learning experience. :)
(7:28:02 PM) cgallett: sound like a plan to me
(7:28:18 PM) cgallett: and chineense food on the way home after :)
(7:28:26 PM) Chris: Enjoy
(7:29:01 PM) cgallett: steamed veggis not suace on brown rice please :)
(7:32:40 PM) cgallett: so what time of day is it
(7:33:19 PM) shurato2099: The little old lady behind the front counter is going to cluck her tounge at Anya every time she comes in.
(7:33:46 PM) cgallett: Why?
(7:33:53 PM) shurato2099: Well, let's see, it was late morning by the time Mike got out of the crime scene.
(7:34:23 PM) shurato2099: Because she's a head shorter than Anya, weighs about the same and you'd suspect her kids have moved away some time ago.
(7:34:57 PM) nmorse: Same reason EVERY old lady we encounter clucks her tongue at you. "Eat, eat! How will you catch a husband if you're so thin!"
(7:36:10 PM) shurato2099: The ballerina build isn't quite 'dangerously thin' but its working on it.
(7:36:38 PM) cgallett: I have a boy friend in the company
(7:37:04 PM) cgallett: but have have not been spending much time out side of work with him
(7:38:13 PM) cgallett: Ashly has been spending to much with him though
(7:39:13 PM) shurato2099: And, as your rival, she's been making some headway since you haven't been spending that much time with him.
(7:40:02 PM) cgallett: that would be Ashly
(7:40:22 PM) shurato2099: Yup.
(7:40:28 PM) nmorse: Ethically, I'm not allowed to ruin her love life to improve yours using my powers. You'll have to ask Judy to do that.
(7:42:05 PM) nmorse: Hiwever, the common volume of literature covering such assistance isn't promising as to the long-term results.
(7:42:47 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): There is an old, *old* rule of thumb that beneficial actions come back at you in roughly equal measure, although frequently with a substantial delay; but that malicious actions come back at you threefold, and possibly abruptly.
(7:43:47 PM) nmorse: And frequently in forms that the gods find highly comedic.
(7:50:40 PM) Chris: The gods are quite certain to have strange senses of humor, however.
(7:52:19 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Plan A was to call in Percy as soon as practical, either to the actual crime scene or immediately after I leave; and see if he could extract any tracking or location info off of anything. If yes and hot trail, call in the whole team to meet us near whereever, possibly on the move. If yes and multiple or cold trail, call in the team to meet someplace reasonably located and work on surveillance options. If no, arrange a meeting with somewhat less urgency at a useful location (lighthouse, granny's bakery, etc.) to discuss what we have learned and try and figure out what to do next.
(7:54:23 PM) shurato2099: Okay, so Percy gets called in ... Whatcha going to use for tracking sources?
(7:58:25 PM) nmorse: Per previous session logs, anything that may have been in physical contact with the artifact. Scraping from the shelf in the safe, packaging, etc. Or sample from the suspiciously symmetrical bootprint.
(7:58:42 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We will want to involve everyone we can at an early stage, because on the one hand we're not sure what sort of exotic research skills we might need; and on the other hand we might find out which building has our target because the monster comes out of it at us. (One of the most reliable means of being sure you're on to something important is that people are trying very hard to stop you)
(7:59:30 PM) shurato2099: All of which are doable. Give me ... three rolls on your tracking spell.
(8:01:07 PM) nmorse: By 22, 23, and 21. That last one cuts me down to the 4km radius. 8km on the other two.
(8:03:54 PM) nmorse: *looks at holes* "Wonder if I can convince a client I need one of those for an investigation..."
(8:04:00 PM) shurato2099: Hokay. In order the scans were from: the padding in the crate that Sal Manfriedi says held this gauntlet, a scraping from the safe and ... you found what looks like a sliver to tool-dip in/near one of the footprints by the door. The prints are darned freaky in Percy's estimation: perfectly flat Size 15s.
(8:07:28 PM) shurato2099: So, you have the following. Whatever was in the crate is more than 8km away. Whatever was in the safe is about 6km north and moving. And whatever was connected to that tool dip is right at the edge of your range for that.
(8:07:51 PM) nmorse: "Size 15? Mike, what size do you reckon Beorning is? Just for comparison"
(8:08:42 PM) shurato2099: He's build like a wall so something in the 15-18 range and wide is likely.
(8:09:23 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): What, do I look like I wear a deerstalker hat and have spent a decade studying tobacco ash and Victorian men's shoes?
(8:09:32 PM) edorries [] entered the room.
(8:09:45 PM) edorries: <rattle chains>
(8:10:31 PM) nmorse: Well, I can get a rough location on the 'formerly in safe; target, since this is map dowsing. "*mutter* Time for a pad and a titanium case after all. *glare* Come on, it's the standard we're supposed to hod ourselves to!"
(8:10:37 PM) nmorse: (Hi Erin!)
(8:10:58 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I can tell you that a 13 is someone with a foot nearly an actual foot long, which is a pretty large guy, but we've got a wide range of builds from Harlem Globetrotter through football player to sumo wrestler
(8:11:02 PM) edorries: (<wave wave>
(8:12:51 PM) edorries: (Comment from the peanut gallery: Anya is a person who could learn from a *dead* martial arts master.)
(8:13:00 PM) nmorse: "In any case, I have a target, moving. You get to drive, I'll keep an eye on it and call the others."
(8:13:01 PM) edorries: (Master Yoda, anyone?)
(8:16:04 PM) nmorse: (She's learning from bruce Lee. No, not the movies, his ghost. He is sticking around to make certain that he remains the greatest martial artist in the world.)
(8:16:40 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Starting location was "a warehouse in Queens"
(8:17:20 PM) shurato2099: The scraping in the safe looks to be headed towards Manhattan island, roughly. The whateve was with the tool-dip is along that same route.
(8:18:05 PM) shurato2099: My r key is being a bit flaky.
(8:18:51 PM) edorries: (Note: Nowadays Judy happens to believe she might be one of those highly comedic 'do unto others' forces of the universe. She hasn't figured out a better reason that she's still on this plane, anyway.)
(8:19:36 PM) nmorse: (Guardian Spirit in Training)
(8:20:57 PM) shurato2099: Doesn't look like they've crossed the Whitestone bridge into the Bronx yet but heading that way.
(8:23:01 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Looks at map... at 6km and headed north, they are either about to get to one of only two bridges, or have just recently crossed one... Throgs Neck Bridge (aka I-295) or Whitestone Bridge (aka I-678)
(8:23:27 PM) shurato2099: Whitestone.
(8:23:44 PM) shurato2099: The upside of Percy using an iPhone for this, you get Google Maps.
(8:24:54 PM) nmorse: AK Queens by 7 to give Mike the best route to get onto their trail
(8:25:24 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Do we actually have any practical hot pursuit options that can keep up with, let alone catch up with, someone on a freeway?
(8:27:28 PM) nmorse: My Bike. Judy was with me, I think, but she doesn't actually take up space on the bike when she's a passenger.
(8:29:08 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Well, that gets Percy, Mike, and Judy headed north at what might be better than average traffic speed, but what about the others?
(8:29:25 PM) shurato2099: As I recall, Heather has a bike?
(8:29:26 PM) nmorse: Call folks, remind them to keep cab receipts so we can expense this with the mob. :)
(8:29:31 PM) Chris: Yes, I do
(8:30:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): You could pick up either Brent or Anya, probably, that still leaves at least one
(8:30:29 PM) Chris: Yeah. Sidecar is not something I do often.
(8:31:01 PM) shurato2099: We'll say Anya for now since we don't have a Mark atm.
(8:37:13 PM) nmorse: *whoosh* across the city we go!
(8:37:22 PM) Chris: Zoom!
(8:39:21 PM) shurato2099: So folks are hot on the heels of the thieves! With Anya and Percy holding on for dear life.
(8:40:13 PM) edorries: Judy - "Whee!"
(8:41:17 PM) shurato2099: Percy can track whoever it is crossing Whitestone bridge into the Bronx. Not knowing the destination, presumably you guys are hooking up along the way?
(8:42:26 PM) nmorse: Probably a good idea.
(8:42:56 PM) Chris: yeah
(8:45:08 PM) shurato2099: Shortly before you guys get to the bridge, in a relatively quiet stretch of I-678, which for NYC doesn't mean that much its an expressway after all ... perception rolls from the drivers, and Judy.
(8:45:21 PM) cgallett: what why am holcing on for deal live
(8:45:48 PM) shurato2099: Because Heather drives like a maniac.
(8:46:20 PM) edorries: Roll(3d6)+0:
(8:46:36 PM) edorries: Per by 2
(8:46:38 PM) shurato2099: Oh, what the heck, everybody.
(8:47:11 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

PER: Skill: 3d6 = 15, Failed by 1 vs. 14 (4, 6, 5)

(8:47:24 PM) Chris: Roll(3d6)+0:
(8:47:27 PM) Chris: Made by 2
(8:47:55 PM) nmorse: Per by 3
(8:48:26 PM) Chris: (Unless General Skill Levels apply to it, in which case made by 4, but.)
(8:49:25 PM) shurato2099: Okay, Heather will see it coming and Percy will get a heads up from his "Highlander" sense. Rather far forward, although it seems timed well, is a guy all in black biker leathers and a full helmet ... he's at least 8' tall and plods into the road directly ahead of you guys.
(8:49:44 PM) shurato2099: He's build like a linebacker and moves like one, too.
(8:51:07 PM) shurato2099: Judy will also see this guy and, from her side, he looks like a dim spark in a biker's outfit.
(8:51:14 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I was clearly paying too much attention to the traffic that was, well, moving with the traffic
(8:51:17 PM) nmorse: "scry... scry... scry... OGRE! Look! Size 15 boots!"
(8:52:17 PM) shurato2099: The stuff Percy's tracking is past him.
(8:52:44 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We'll want to avoid that... I'm pretty sure Percy's bike isn't reinforced *or* insured against sudden golem impact, or whatever that is
(8:52:45 PM) nmorse: "Target is past him. Go around! Judy, cover us!"
(8:53:03 PM) edorries: "Bigfoot, right." <louder, in proper NY style> "Get outta the road, y'moron!"
(8:53:21 PM) Chris: "Right!" Heather swerves her bike around the big guy.
(8:53:34 PM) shurato2099: driving rolls, please.
(8:53:39 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

Combat Driving: Skill: 3d6 = 7, Success by 6 against a 13 (2, 4, 1)

(8:54:18 PM) edorries: Judy wants to mess up his biker helmet so the ogre can't see. Something nasty to rub on the visor, or maybe just TK-yank the thing around a few degrees.
(8:54:44 PM) shurato2099: Not a lot of gunk around here, but you could turn it sure.
(8:54:59 PM) edorries: Roll(3d6)+0:
(8:55:01 PM) shurato2099: Roll to hit and then give me a TK Str roll.
(8:55:06 PM) Chris: Roll(3d6)+0:
(8:55:26 PM) edorries: That hits a 7
(8:55:37 PM) shurato2099: That'll hit. TK str roll, please.
(8:55:58 PM) edorries: Roll(2d6)+0:
(8:56:00 PM) edorries: Feh.
(8:56:32 PM) shurato2099: 2 body, how average ... and he's not holding on to it with his hands so the helmet turns. A bit much, actually.
(8:56:56 PM) edorries: Mrrh?
(8:57:06 PM) nmorse: as in a golem with a cylindrical head?
(8:57:19 PM) shurato2099: And it looks like the drivers will manage to swerve around him.
(8:58:12 PM) shurato2099: He'll turn with you guys, arms outstretched trying to grab at Percy but he's out of reach and not fast enough to compensate for a motorcycle at these speeds.
(8:58:12 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Or it might be a modernization of the "enchanted animate suit of armor spell"; full biker gear pretty much qualifies
(8:58:46 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Asphalt elemental, summoned ogre/troll/etc., ...
(8:58:58 PM) shurato2099: There is much honking and swerving from behind you guys followed by the loud honking and screeching tires of a semi ... followed by a loud crash.
(8:59:05 PM) edorries: I've seen trolls. Can't remember if I've seen ogres. Did the spark I see on my side seem like something I'd expect from one of those critters?
(8:59:08 PM) Chris: Thugbot, indeed.
(8:59:46 PM) shurato2099: Nope, normally trolls/ogres look like whole critters ... this thing was something shining inside the outfit.
(8:59:57 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Crud. I had hoped it'd not end that way, but an 18-wheeler doesn't dodge much
(9:00:16 PM) edorries: Zip back to the bike. "Dunno what it was, but I don't think it was an ogre."
(9:01:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (mischevious sprite with animal-control powers that have turned into animate-leather spells in the modern urban environment....)
(9:01:23 PM) shurato2099: Looking back the truck looks like it hit, well ... a very large, very heavy object. The grill is smashed in, windshield shattered, its grinding to a halt.
(9:01:55 PM) edorries: (That'd go over well in the garment district.)
(9:02:27 PM) nmorse: "Ok, this is rapidly sliding from Witchblade and towards a scary cross between Nightwatch and Terminator"
(9:02:43 PM) shurato2099: Thankfully the truck wasn't hauling so most people are able to get out of the way.
(9:03:14 PM) edorries: "Heh. Maybe Mike better send this guy his card."
(9:04:12 PM) nmorse: "Keep an eye out Judy. If he decides he wants to chase us, and is able, I'd like to know."
(9:04:43 PM) edorries: "I'll look, but he's kind of hard to see on my side. Like a dim spark, kinda."
(9:08:48 PM) shurato2099: With some 'agressive driving' you guys will catch up to the source Percy's tracking in the south side of the Bronx. Its a white panel van with a sign on the side that reads "Sinkeweitz Landscaping"
(9:11:04 PM) shurato2099: I really can't spell Polish ...
(9:11:45 PM) edorries: (It works. Remember how many names got changed coming through Ellis Island.)
(9:12:15 PM) cgallett:
(9:13:49 PM) Chris: Hmmm, so.
(9:14:09 PM) nmorse: Shadowing rolls time.
(9:15:13 PM) nmorse: *tap phone* "Find: Sinkeweitz Landscaping"
(9:15:15 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

Not so good... Shadowing: Skill: 3d6 = 15, Failed by 2 vs. 13 (3, 6, 6). I'm clearly too twitchy about possible sudden road-golems

(9:15:23 PM) Chris: Roll(3d6)+0:
(9:15:49 PM) Chris: Made by 1, with General levels
(9:16:45 PM) shurato2099: Seinkeweitz Lanscaping: Planting, Mowing, Decorative Stonework. Serving the Five Burroughs Since 1945. They have a web page, looks like a family run business.
(9:16:58 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (I have some rituals and such that can help with navigation, stealth, etc.; but haven't yet gotten them adapted to modern urban life enough to use for Shadowing.)
(9:18:20 PM) nmorse: oh.... once we're well away from mister Roadblock...
(9:19:34 PM) nmorse: spell went off. Percy tosses a fistful of salt over hsi shoulder while crossing an intersection: 2' radius of -5 to tracking for the next hour
(9:20:19 PM) shurato2099: The driver of the truck makes a few tricky turns and would have lost Mike if not for Percy's tracking spell. Heather had fewer issues with darting out just as the light turned.
(9:23:08 PM) cgallett: anya hangs on for dear lifw
(9:23:47 PM) shurato2099: Eventually, the driver heads to a large building-and-lot setup, with the company sign up prominently, and pulls into a garaged area.
(9:24:51 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(9:25:00 PM) shurato2099: The lot seems to contain, well, their stock in trade: small trees, shrubs, two garaged areas and an office space, and numerous piles of earth/dirt and stone.
(9:25:08 PM) Chris: Right. Perfect cover.
(9:25:40 PM) markh: Howdy
(9:25:44 PM) shurato2099: Hiya!
(9:25:57 PM) edorries: <wave>
(9:26:05 PM) nmorse: Welcome! Brent missed out on a fun filled motorcycle chase across the Bronx.
(9:26:12 PM) markh: Awww
(9:26:57 PM) markh: Hopefully, I have the computer for the rest of the night...
(9:27:11 PM) shurato2099: Good. :)
(9:28:02 PM) nmorse: Does Brent have a car?
(9:28:05 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We'll need to drive on past to avoid immediate suspicion... either that, or attack at once
(9:28:17 PM) markh: No, but he knows how to drive.
(9:29:25 PM) Chris: Around the block could work
(9:30:32 PM) nmorse: Drive past, around, start observation. I'd like to know if they have any more biker-god-golems BEFORE I hop the fence.
(9:30:38 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Anything obviously magical to sight as we drive past?
(9:30:54 PM) shurato2099: Perception roll.
(9:30:55 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

PER: Skill: 3d6 = 7, Success by 7 against a 14 (2, 1, 4)

(9:31:33 PM) shurato2099: Nohing inherently magical that you can see from the road.
(9:32:01 PM) Chris: Surveying with 'Echoes of Bloodshed', myself
(9:32:29 PM) Chris: Per roll: Roll(3d6)+0:
(9:32:49 PM) Chris: Made by 7
(9:34:15 PM) nmorse: Highlander sense has lost track of Judy, and she's holding onto my shoulders. Missed by 1
(9:34:18 PM) markh left the room.
(9:34:42 PM) shurato2099: The place seems clean to that as well, very little violence (if any) has taken place here recently.
(9:34:50 PM) edorries: Want a TK-bop across the head? It'll find me then.
(9:35:03 PM) shurato2099: A spectral Gibbs-slap.
(9:35:15 PM) Chris: Heh :)
(9:37:02 PM) shurato2099: Percy's trace is ... up on the second floor of the main garage building.
(9:37:04 PM) nmorse: No. If you knock the little stone loop out of my bluetooth headset on your side of reality, I'll never find it. Then I'd need Anya to drag another one over there before I could hear you again.
(9:38:21 PM) shurato2099: The tool-dip sliver looks to have been the Big Guy in the road.
(9:39:23 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(9:39:31 PM) nmorse: They tool-dipped their golem? That actually makes a lot of sense.
(9:40:32 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Well, or it was carrying the heavy tools
(9:40:54 PM) shurato2099: So you guys circle the block a time or two?
(9:40:55 PM) nmorse: Unfortunately, holy artifacts don't react to one another unless they're related, or strongly opposed.
(9:41:03 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (We discuss that tool-dipping most 1950s bad TV robots or golems would actually improve their point value and utility...)
(9:42:05 PM) Chris: (What is tool-dipping?)
(9:42:37 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): That would be a bit obvious... find someplace within a few blocks (coffee shop, etc.) that we can stop and compare notes/plan
(9:42:38 PM) nmorse: Yes. Look for good observation spots. Concealment by 5, Ps: PI by 2

(9:42:49 PM) nmorse: Point
(9:42:53 PM) shurato2099: (tool-dip is a rubberized coating typically applied to the grips of steel tools to improve grip and/or retard rust and corrosion. I used to sell the stuff at Sears. )
(9:43:43 PM) shurato2099: There's a Starbucks two blocks up.
(9:44:00 PM) Chris: (ahhh, that.)
(9:45:24 PM) markh left the room.
(9:46:40 PM) shurato2099: And there are a couple of decent looking delicatessens.
(9:48:54 PM) Chris: I could use some lunch anywa
(9:49:40 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(9:49:47 PM) nmorse: Pick one that'll have diva-chow
(9:51:38 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

( )

(9:52:11 PM) shurato2099: They have some low-cal offerings in both places. Pre-made salads and that kind of thing.
(9:53:06 PM) shurato2099: One of them is very strictly kosher, the other's a bit more lax.
(9:53:42 PM) Chris: I prefer the lax one. I like cheese with my meat.
(9:53:43 PM) nmorse: Lax. After the golem, I need bacon in my sandwich
(9:53:57 PM) edorries: Bagels and lax
(9:55:41 PM) markh left the room.
(9:56:20 PM) shurato2099: Okay, then. Sounds like lunch.
(9:58:05 PM) shurato2099: So you guys settle into lunch at "The Whole Schmere".
(9:58:54 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(9:59:44 PM) shurato2099: *tie*lash*staple*glue* ...
(10:00:21 PM) shurato2099: So. Now what, folks?
(10:00:30 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (We discuss that a kosher butcher in NYC would be just about the perfect job for a vampire, if they could make do on animal blood at least)
(10:01:14 PM) markh: (Depends on if a Rabbi's star of david counts. depends on the mythology.)
(10:05:04 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): So... recon options for a landscaping business and supply company? This doesn't sound like the sort of neighborhood that we could get a hotel room overlooking them
(10:05:27 PM) markh: White paneled van?
(10:05:52 PM) shurato2099: Nope. Residential/commercial area. You could check for a cheap apartment but that's likely to be a long term cost.
(10:06:24 PM) Chris: Disgruntled customer?
(10:07:44 PM) shurato2099: Depending on why they are no longer gruntled, could get some results particularly in the office area or the supply yard.
(10:09:36 PM) nmorse: Sadly, none of us actually own any landscape
(10:10:41 PM) edorries: I may be under some!
(10:11:19 PM) shurato2099: Amongst the dead buried = homeowner, cremated = renter?
(10:11:27 PM) markh left the room.
(10:13:17 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(10:16:02 PM) nmorse: Judy hasn't asked us to find her plot, as I recall. Out of politeness, we don't bring it up.
(10:16:57 PM) shurato2099: Percy, perception roll.
(10:17:06 PM) edorries: I'm surprised you professional snoops haven't looked anyway.
(10:17:21 PM) nmorse: by 1
(10:17:23 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): In our line of business, when someone asks us to "dig up some info on old Mr. Soandso", we have to be careful about making sure they weren't talking literally...
(10:17:33 PM) shurato2099: They're professional snoops, they don't do that unless they get paid. :)
(10:18:04 PM) shurato2099: Your Highlander Sense tingles for a moment.
(10:18:52 PM) nmorse: I invited Judy to have safe haven in my office before I thought about it. Doing it without her knowledge is a bit more challenging at that point.
(10:19:18 PM) markh left the room.
(10:19:19 PM) nmorse: that no longer has the completely nontargetting limitation on it. General direction?
(10:19:23 PM) edorries: Besides, I help keep Uncle Pedro down to a dull roar
(10:20:23 PM) shurato2099: While you guys are in line to order, off to your right and then retreating out of your range. (i.e. just outside the front of the shop and, most likely, crossing the street towards the other deli. )
(10:20:26 PM) nmorse: (Uncle Pedro gets worse with warm weather. I may have to bug Mike for some spectral rat traps.)
(10:21:09 PM) nmorse: Mutter to judy to check the street for anything interesting.
(10:21:43 PM) shurato2099: Judy: perception roll. :)
(10:21:59 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(10:23:02 PM) edorries: Roll(3d6)+0:
(10:23:28 PM) edorries: Failed by 2. Obviously something interesting means "cute guy".
(10:25:26 PM) shurato2099: Apparently. Nothing that interesting out here. A couple of cute Italian guys cruising by, a couple of dark haired chicks heading into the other deli, bike messenger dropping off a tube of stuff down the block ...
(10:27:49 PM) shurato2099: Pretty typical New York. So, what're you guys going to do?
(10:28:00 PM) markh left the room.
(10:29:03 PM) nmorse: Pondering...
(10:29:13 PM) nmorse: Pondering...
(10:29:15 PM) nmorse: Pondering...
(10:29:22 PM) Chris: Is that tracking spell still going?
(10:29:27 PM) nmorse: Ghoul Scout cookie delivery?
(10:29:50 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(10:30:16 PM) nmorse: Unless they ritually cut the link, like I did with the Dreds, it should be. Its dowsing based, so the accuracy is... peculiar.
(10:30:47 PM) shurato2099: Yup, the object is on the second floor of the larger of the two garage buildings and stationary.
(10:32:45 PM) nmorse: On the other hand, being jumped by a golem halfway here means they're aware of pursuit at some level.
(10:33:35 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): So... we could call Enterprise, and have them meet us somewhere nearby with a rental. We could have Brent rent something and drive it up. We could sneak about on foot.
(10:34:19 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Given that we didn't see anything obvious driving past, we're probably going to have to either set up a longer-term stakeout, or take more active scouting measures. That usually means Judy....
(10:34:50 PM) Chris: What time is it?
(10:34:52 PM) markh: (There is always my eye...)
(10:35:04 PM) nmorse: Have Judy test the perimeter? "Family owned since 1945" suggests some of the property may count as "home", though I'd doubt a garage would be that part.
(10:35:12 PM) shurato2099: By now its after noon.
(10:35:13 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): But if we're searching for someone that has stolen mystic artifacts and taken some obvious precautions along the way, it may not be easy and might be hazardous for her to run around alone
(10:35:55 PM) edorries: Aw, c'mon, Dad! I'm old enough to be out past curfew!
(10:36:11 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): The wizard eye is less risky, although arguably more of a tip-off. Random ghosts *might* be chance, but spectral recon is blatant if noticed
(10:37:24 PM) nmorse: Definitely have Brent rent something inconspicuous and four wheeled. Mike can drive it in the hard parts, and Anya seems to be a little dubious about us motorcyclists using combat driving.
(10:37:53 PM) markh: How big? sedan, van, moving truck?
(10:38:14 PM) shurato2099: Herkemer Battle Jitney ...
(10:38:39 PM) markh: If you know someone who I can rent it from...
(10:39:02 PM) edorries: What, Hertz doesn't have 'em?
(10:39:06 PM) nmorse: Neither inconspiuous NOR four wheeled
(10:41:23 PM) markh: I don't have a CDL so I can't do a semi.
(10:41:33 PM) nmorse: sedan or van should do.
(10:42:09 PM) nmorse: CDL is Mike. Which is who would get to drive the Herkemer. If we could find one. And if we could find one, we'd buy it.
(10:42:23 PM) shurato2099: Limo, Hum-Vee ... you know, something subtle.
(10:42:36 PM) markh: Hooptie Van!
(10:43:15 PM) shurato2099: Percy, your head is doing that thing again.
(10:43:46 PM) markh: (Flames shooting out of the sides?
(10:44:36 PM) shurato2099: (No, that's steam and usually when Uncle Pedro is being a pain. )
(10:44:37 PM) nmorse: "We're made. Can anyone see anything peculiar without glancing about wildly?"
(10:45:05 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): That is the other option to subtlety, which is blatant wackiness.... Hooptie Ride being pretty high up the list, but a stretch limo or blinged-out hummer would qualify
(10:45:57 PM) edorries: Huh?
(10:47:10 PM) nmorse: "Ok, you can look around blatantly, Judy."
(10:47:19 PM) shurato2099: Two women are running across the street from ther kosher deli to this one, with a to-go bag at least, one in her early 20's kind of gothy and the other 30-something in a buckskin jacket and khakis. The younger woman pounds on the counter, "Hey! Is there a back way outta here?" The guy just points towards the back. The other just shrugs, "Sorry."
(10:48:28 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): That's a bit odd...
(10:48:50 PM) shurato2099: And out they go towards the back. Out in the street ... two very tall guys are walking up the sidewalk.
(10:48:55 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Sounds more like player characters that choose poorly, frankly, but we shouldn't let that influence things
(10:49:31 PM) edorries: Like, biker ogre tall?
(10:49:32 PM) shurato2099: Black leathers. Full helmets. Kind of lumbering ...
(10:49:36 PM) nmorse: "Very Tall Guys?" 8' tall Very Tall Guys?
(10:49:38 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Walking, or lumbering? Ha.
(10:49:41 PM) edorries: Uh oh.
(10:49:46 PM) markh left the room.
(10:50:06 PM) edorries: Pardon me. Must go mess up helmets.
(10:50:31 PM) edorries: <zip>
(10:50:55 PM) shurato2099: Most people don't set off Percy's Highlander Sense, but three times in one day ...
(10:51:21 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We could pretend we were a rival gang... a somewhat sad suburban wannabe gang, mind you
(10:51:45 PM) shurato2099: One of those French motor-scooter gangs ...
(10:51:58 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Maybe it would help if we broke into a leather-clad dance number?
(10:52:05 PM) edorries: Utter total lameness. No.
(10:52:34 PM) nmorse: while the clerk is staring after the crazy ladies, quick toss of salt at the doorway.
(10:52:43 PM) edorries: I'm glad I'm dead. I'd DIE of TOTAL embarassment!
(10:52:47 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(10:53:43 PM) nmorse: threshold boost goes off.
(10:54:16 PM) shurato2099: The very tall guys are on the other side of the street, get right to the door of the other deli and turn to cross over to your side.
(10:54:37 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (We discuss how to build the "Buffy: The Musical" Ray...)
(10:55:40 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Change Environment: -5 EGO or break into song?)
(10:56:28 PM) markh: ("When you're a ghost, you're a ghost all the way..")
(10:56:34 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Do we confront them, or follow the girls out the back? Or do something else unorthodox and really fast?
(10:58:16 PM) nmorse: Let us also flee out the back. 1) beats confronting biker-god-golems in the street, 2) atractive exotic women are more interesting than Biker-god-golems.
(10:58:44 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): There's something to be said for following the interestingly-attired and possibly interestingly-abilitied women out the back. We could also confront the thugs in the middle of the street to help cut down on property / bystander damage
(10:59:26 PM) edorries: <giggle> For a bunch of old dudes, you're pretty funny.
(11:01:59 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Tip *heavily* on the way out. One thing Mike has learned is that people in low end city jobs are *remarkably* more cheerful in the face of weirdness when we explain our actions with ex-presidents.
(11:02:12 PM) shurato2099: So as you bravely run away, the two biker-giants cross the street and come to the front of the shop. You can hear the bell on the door ring as you nip out the back.
(11:02:28 PM) markh left the room.
(11:02:48 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (OK, Franklin isn't an ex-president, but I don't think we've gotten to that level)
(11:03:29 PM) nmorse: Dang, -1 to ego roll to cross the threshold didn't even slow them down.
(11:06:11 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:06:17 PM) nmorse: Enter back alley. What to our wondering eyes should appear?
(11:06:27 PM) shurato2099: Back in the alley ... it's amateur night. There's a young man in a slighly soiled hoodie holding a Glock on the gothy young woman with his right hand while holding a cell phone to his ear with his left, "... just like you said ... ah, man, c'mon! More of these guys?! What? No! I got 'em ... " He doesn't look like he's 'got 'em'.
(11:07:30 PM) edorries: Heh.
(11:07:52 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Judy grab gun? Anya kick it out of his hand?
(11:08:10 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): There are other options but most are messier or require prep we don't have time for
(11:08:15 PM) edorries: Is this one of those guys with his waistband between his waist and his knees?
(11:09:06 PM) shurato2099: Nah, his jeans are relatively normal fit. A bit dirty like he works in them a lot.
(11:10:09 PM) edorries: Keep an eye on the gun. If he loosens his grip, the gun is going straight up.
(11:10:09 PM) nmorse: "What did we do to deserve this today?
(11:11:06 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two women just looks highly amused at this point. "... 6, 7, 8 ... are you sure you have enough bullets in that thing?"
(11:11:59 PM) nmorse: *sighs* *points past guy with gun* "Look, a monkey!"
(11:12:11 PM) markh left the room.
(11:12:28 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Well, it apparantly worked on Mark...)
(11:12:39 PM) shurato2099: fast-talk roll, Percy ...
(11:12:41 PM) nmorse: Persuasion by 7
(11:13:01 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:13:14 PM) nmorse: (Did you find the monkey, Mark?)
(11:13:15 PM) shurato2099: ... He falls for it and looks where you point.
(11:13:34 PM) nmorse: *shrugs helplessly*
(11:14:14 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (This maneuver may have been partly inspired by Lego Universe, where my Buccaneer character has the ability to fire a monkey at something to distract it for a few seconds...)
(11:14:53 PM) shurato2099: Judy's ranged, as I recall.
(11:14:54 PM) markh: Oohhh a monkey...
(11:15:26 PM) edorries: Yup.
(11:15:31 PM) edorries: Roll it?
(11:15:38 PM) shurato2099: It isn't even much an effort for Judy to get the gun out of his hand at this point, its mostly a matter of what she wants to do with it afterwards.
(11:15:48 PM) nmorse: (I think I stole it form Batman: Brave and the Bold. Not even Plastic man knows why it works)
(11:16:07 PM) edorries: It's going up. And it's staying there.
(11:16:24 PM) nmorse: (give it to Mike. We may need it shortly)
(11:16:25 PM) edorries: And then it's gonna turn around and point itself at laughing boy . .. . .
(11:16:46 PM) edorries: (And nothing's going to happen. But I'd bet it's pretty scary!)
(11:16:53 PM) shurato2099: "Hey! Hey, they ... hello? He- ... ah, man ... " He drops the phone and puts up his hands.
(11:18:41 PM) nmorse: "All right kid, three seconds: what are the giant biker guys? Three. Two. One."
(11:19:07 PM) shurato2099: "Uh ... well, they're ... uh ... golems? "
(11:20:00 PM) Chris: "We figured that part. What we want to know is /why/."
(11:20:24 PM) nmorse: "With the hebrew on their foreheads, or did they eat it? Ladies, gentlemen, stepping away from the delecatessen may be prudent"
(11:20:54 PM) markh left the room.
(11:20:59 PM) shurato2099: "I ... needed some muscle ... to square my grand-dad's name. What? Oh, they ate it ... why? "
(11:22:12 PM) nmorse: "Great... Oh! They're YOURS! That's a bit more salvageable."
(11:22:40 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:23:06 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two women pinches the bridge of her nose as she shakes her head, "You know how to make a golem and you don't know the difference?"
(11:24:23 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "This is getting more *fascinating* by the minute. He's no Rabbi Loew for sure.
(11:25:19 PM) shurato2099: The kid: Well, uh ... you can't just do the letter rubbing thing to kill 'em, right? Yeah, I know that! And they did just what they were s'possed to, too! Help with the break-in and hunt down any body snoopin' around after.
(11:25:39 PM) nmorse: "I knew I should have sent in the box tops for those mail-order hoomonculi in the comic book..."
(11:26:23 PM) shurato2099: The gothy girl smirks back to Percy, "Box tops? My Dad all over again. Get some X-Ray specs while you're at it."
(11:28:03 PM) Chris: "So what did you need muscle for, anyways?"
(11:28:33 PM) nmorse: Smirk at the goth, then glare at the kid. "Now my friend, I suggest that when your pets get here, you tell them to stand down."
(11:28:41 PM) markh left the room.
(11:29:18 PM) shurato2099: The kid: To get what we needed, handle the heavy lifting and stuff you know?
(11:30:15 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:30:32 PM) nmorse: Percy men:)notes the kid is right about them being harder to take down this way. That's a three on general occultisim. How should one stop them, short of shoving a torch down their throats to incinerate the paper the spell is inscribed on?
(11:30:54 PM) nmorse: *mentally* Zero clue how that ended up as a smiley.
(11:31:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Let's back up a bit. Why is a seemingly Jewish kid trying to steal Catholic artifacts from their legal owner, including what may well be attempted or actual manslaugther depending on whether that truck driver survives?"
(11:31:20 PM) shurato2099: Take off the head or say whatever command phrase is on the scroll to shut them down.
(11:33:24 PM) shurato2099: The kid: He made it ... busted up, but he made it. I heard on the radio. And Manfriedi didn't own what I took! That book'll clear my Gramps' name and I wasn't gonna just sit around like my old man!
(11:34:22 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two women sighs, "Who -helped- you, boy? I doubt that you could write your proper name in Hebrew, let alone pen an animation scroll!"
(11:36:08 PM) edorries: I wanna know why the old dude needs his name cleared anyway. And why this cat thinks stealing something will fix it.
(11:36:15 PM) markh left the room.
(11:36:47 PM) nmorse: Did the golems get wedged in the Deli?
(11:36:49 PM) shurato2099: No screaming or crunching from inside the deli, oddly enough.
(11:37:45 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Pick up his phone, see what name & number he was talking to.
(11:37:46 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:37:57 PM) shurato2099: The kid: All he wanted was some junk of that old gangsters! He stole all of that stuff, too!
(11:38:17 PM) shurato2099: There's a crunch of gravel and broken glass from just outside the alleyway.
(11:38:51 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Has he appeared to react to Judy at all, as a note?)
(11:38:54 PM) shurato2099: The kids smiles, "Sounds like my boys are on their way back ... "
(11:39:31 PM) Chris: Heather seems distracted by something. "That's probably them coming around the corner now. I hope you remember the shutdown code, lad."
(11:40:05 PM) nmorse: Reach over to the hovering Glock, and cock the hammer back. "Yes, they are. But they are way over there."
(11:41:06 PM) nmorse: Per by 5. Was the safety even off on this thing?
(11:41:14 PM) shurato2099: The kid: Of course, I know it! (sweating a little) What, do you think I'm -stupid-?! (from the gothy girl) Gee, let me think ...
(11:43:05 PM) shurato2099: (on closer inspection of the weapon, the safety was still on. )
(11:43:18 PM) shurato2099: (Amateur night. )
(11:43:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (apparantly I'm the good cop today) "Look, this could turn really ugly, or we could all sit down calmly with fewer shambling monsters and loaded firearms and talk things over. If you've got a legitimate and short-term use for one of those artifacts, we may be able to arrange something. "
(11:43:23 PM) edorries: I'd tie his shoelaces together, but if he can't remember how to shut 'em off, he'll probably have to run too.
(11:43:47 PM) markh left the room.
(11:44:39 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:45:09 PM) shurato2099: The kid: It's just a damn ledger, man! Shows my Gramps only borrowed money from the mob back in the day, he wasn't launderin' for 'em! He died in the joint!
(11:45:45 PM) edorries: Argh. I really really don't wanna go look him up there, y'know?
(11:46:56 PM) nmorse: He telling the truth?
(11:47:57 PM) shurato2099: The sword hasn't buzzed a bit.
(11:48:17 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Sigh. "That's maybe a bit trickier, but there's a statue of limitations that may help here... plus hopefully most of the main actors are retired if not dead. You do realize that a stolen ledger is going to be difficult to admit as any kind of evidence, right? "
(11:50:01 PM) shurato2099: The kid: It doesn't matter. It proves it. Even if its just for us, it proves it.
(11:50:39 PM) markh left the room.
(11:50:44 PM) nmorse: "Ok, you wanted a ledger. Perhaps you could explain the OTHER items missing from the warehouse?"
(11:50:45 PM) Chris: Then why did you need to steal it, kid? Come on, be honest with yourself. You want /someone/ to acknowledge that he was a decent guy, right?
(11:51:36 PM) shurato2099: The gothy girl is up and peering out of the alley, "Uh, hey, not to seem to pushy dude, but if you know that command word or whatever ... you might want to use it. We've got three of those things incoming ... very ... slowly. And one looks like it caught a bus."
(11:52:49 PM) nmorse: Aside "A semi, actually. And yes. Incantations please."
(11:52:57 PM) shurato2099: The kid: The guy that helped me write the scrolls ... he had this shoppin' list of stuff he wanted out of ol' Manfriedi's place. Just a buncha junk.
(11:53:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Golems like trucks... I don't think it will catch on as a marketing jingle. You seem to be in pretty far over your head; we're just trying to get things straightened out with the minimum amount of people getting hurt. "
(11:53:10 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two blinks a moment, "A semi-what?"
(11:53:25 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:53:53 PM) edorries: Semi-crushed, now.
(11:53:57 PM) Chris: "And /now/ we finally approach the truth." Heather turns to the woman and murmurs, "A truck. We need to -talk-..."
(11:54:25 PM) shurato2099: The kid licks his lips a moment before he shouts in Hebrew, <... and God go with you! ... and God go with you! >
(11:54:31 PM) shurato2099: The footsteps stop.
(11:54:46 PM) shurato2099: ... and start up again.
(11:56:22 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Some of that "junk" were stuff that, were they Hebrew rather than Catholic, should have been locked away in a restricted genizah to molder in peace. I'm pretty sure your "friend" is not telling you some important things."
(11:56:35 PM) shurato2099: The gothy girl shakes her head, "Don't think that did it. Glatuu, Barada, Nictu! Nope, not working."
(11:57:17 PM) nmorse: "Nope. Brent! You recall anything useful?"
(11:57:25 PM) Chris: "Like your command phrase being a piece of crap, for example." Heather growls a curse under her breath and reaches into her pocket for a handful of runestones.
(11:58:04 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two women glances towards Mike, "What else did he take?"
(11:58:26 PM) nmorse: 'Barbeque the head, hope the scroll catches fire? I don't think we need those things wandering into any MORE traffic."
(11:58:30 PM) markh: (Am I here, or on the phone?)
(11:58:55 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "We're a pretty literate bunch here... can *anyone* recall a story where creating a golem didn't go horribly awry? Some days the stories are there for a reason, you know.
(11:59:26 PM) shurato2099: (hand wavey time to get here. If he used the scroll method ... its kind of like writing the golem's OS custom every time. If the kid didn't know exactly what he was writing ... well ... )
(12:00:22 AM) shurato2099: So yes, we have a Brent.
(12:00:41 AM) Chris: And, sigh, it's midnight.
(12:00:48 AM) shurato2099: Ack, you're right.
(12:01:09 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Stuff to be filed away in the Vatican, and by filed away I mean in the Indiana Jones / Warehouse 23 sort of way. Possibly the right gauntlet of Saint Joan of Arc, among others."
(12:01:25 AM) markh: (I'm fluent in hebrew, any particular skill you want me to roll?)
(12:01:42 AM) shurato2099: occultism would be good.
(12:01:47 AM) nmorse: "Obscure Hebrew liturgy"
(12:02:04 AM) markh: Roll(3d6)+0:

(12:02:26 AM) edorries: I could try lifting it out. Maybe
(12:02:28 AM) markh: Occultism or mystic creatures by 7
(12:02:51 AM) nmorse: Grab floaty gun. Pull back slide. Check ammo. Any hope that his partner at least loaded the thing with some kind of bane round, just in case?
(12:02:54 AM) shurato2099: She blinks, "How in blazes did it wind up here? Nevermind, New York ... "
(12:03:47 AM) markh: (If I was his "Partner", I'd make sure to load it with rounds that won't do anything. Clean up the loose ends.)
(12:04:17 AM) nmorse: At least it's loaded.
(12:04:24 AM) shurato2099: His phone starts to ring from where he dropped it.
(12:06:32 AM) shurato2099: As they round the corner, we'll fade to black. You have three golems, all covered in black tool dip and dressed like bikers. One of them looks like he caught a truck .. his helmet is gone, he's flattened out in odd places (one arm is hanging limp and one of the legs actually seems to have a knee) and a lot of the tool dip is scraped off.
(12:06:48 AM) Chris: "Pick that up and answer it. On speaker..."
(12:09:48 AM) markh left the room.
(12:10:16 AM) shurato2099: He flips open the phone, "Ah. I see that you've tried to shut down our little toys, Benjamin. It is too bad for you that we cannot aford to have any loose ends in this endeavor. I hope that you had good use of the book you wanted and that those with you appreciate your craftsmanship. For a stablehand, you weren't bad." The voice was clearly on the other end of a distorter.
(12:10:20 AM) markh [] entered the room.
(12:10:38 AM) nmorse: "Hand glock off to brent, rummage in messenger bag for the canister of salt. If they bounced off the ward on the deli door, we might be able to keep them going for hours.
(12:12:17 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): Mike waves frantically at Percy's crystal pendant... at this particular instant, this cell phone has an ethereal connection to the phone at the other end
(12:12:37 AM) edorries: Slick daddy-o there. Real charmer.
(12:13:05 AM) nmorse: Nod, point Brent at an imaginary line on ground, snatch Benjamin's phone.
(12:13:49 AM) shurato2099: Ben's pretty much just staring aghast at the phone. And *sniffsniff* exuding the scent of surrender.
(12:13:56 AM) shurato2099: Snatching it is pretty much casual.
(12:13:59 AM) markh: (It'll take a minute to cast the eye, if that is what you want me to do.)
(12:14:36 AM) nmorse: (no, if I'm scrying, we need you to be warding)
(12:15:07 AM) shurato2099: roll it.
(12:15:28 AM) Chris: (If someone else can ward us, I can try to dispel 'em...)
(12:15:38 AM) markh: (My word of protect? My spirit barrier won't likely work on golems.)
(12:15:48 AM) nmorse: (please be up the block at the landscapers, please be up the block ar the landscapers) Scrying by 24. 16km.
(12:16:15 AM) shurato2099: Not up the block at the landcapers. The trail is leading off into Manhattan.
(12:17:07 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): I do have a Dispel Summon, but it's slow-acting. Normally we'd need to subdue the targets, although in this case we might be able to get them plodding in a small loop
(12:19:01 AM) nmorse: mute Ben's phone. "He's on the move, towards manhattan
(12:19:05 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Also, it might not be powerful enough without some extra work)
(12:21:38 AM) markh left the room.
(12:22:04 AM) shurato2099: 16 km should get you into Manhattan, I think. So, yeah.
(12:22:37 AM) shurato2099: Anyway, it is after midnight so we'll call it here.
(12:23:08 AM) edorries: OK. Reminder, I'm out playing lady on Sunday. :-/
(12:23:56 AM) shurato2099: Roight.
(12:23:58 AM) Chris: Two weeks from tonight is July 4th, I'm assuming that we will not be meeting that evening?
(12:24:06 AM) markh [] entered the room.
(12:24:11 AM) shurato2099: Quite likely not.
(12:24:16 AM) edorries: I will actually be available, as far as I know. :-)
(12:24:32 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): Possibly; we've got vague plans involving fireworks if the weather is nice
(12:24:42 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): If the weather is sucky, we may well game
(12:24:44 AM) shurato2099: Unless it rains catestrophically, then we'll be exposing Anya to movies.
(12:25:01 AM) shurato2099: Or that.
(12:25:08 AM) markh: Okay... I'll see people later, hopefully.
(12:25:14 AM) shurato2099: Seeya!
(12:25:19 AM) markh: Better go before I lose connection again.
(12:25:23 AM) markh: night!
(12:25:23 AM) Chris: Perhaps arrange an alternate date by email?
(12:25:24 AM) edorries: Byebye!
(12:25:29 AM) shurato2099: Night!
(12:25:30 AM) nmorse: Night!
(12:25:31 AM) markh left the room.
(12:27:55 AM) edorries: <wave>
(12:27:56 AM) edorries left the room.
(12:29:09 AM) nmorse left the room.
(12:29:40 AM) Mike Hammond (James D) left the room.