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(6/20/2011 11:31:20 PM) shurato2099: Take off the head or say whatever command phrase is on the scroll to shut them down.
(6/20/2011 11:33:24 PM) shurato2099: The kid: He made it ... busted up, but he made it. I heard on the radio. And Manfriedi didn't own what I took! That book'll clear my Gramps' name and I wasn't gonna just sit around like my old man!
(6/20/2011 11:34:22 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two women sighs, "Who -helped- you, boy? I doubt that you could write your proper name in Hebrew, let alone pen an animation scroll!"
(6/20/2011 11:36:08 PM) edorries: I wanna know why the old dude needs his name cleared anyway. And why this cat thinks stealing something will fix it.
(6/20/2011 11:36:47 PM) nmorse: Did the golems get wedged in the Deli?
(6/20/2011 11:36:49 PM) shurato2099: No screaming or crunching from inside the deli, oddly enough.
(6/20/2011 11:37:45 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Pick up his phone, see what name & number he was talking to.
(6/20/2011 11:37:57 PM) shurato2099: The kid: All he wanted was some junk of that old gangsters! He stole all of that stuff, too!
(6/20/2011 11:38:17 PM) shurato2099: There's a crunch of gravel and broken glass from just outside the alleyway.
(6/20/2011 11:38:51 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Has he appeared to react to Judy at all, as a note?)
(6/20/2011 11:38:54 PM) shurato2099: The kids smiles, "Sounds like my boys are on their way back ... "
(6/20/2011 11:39:31 PM) Chris: Heather seems distracted by something. "That's probably them coming around the corner now. I hope you remember the shutdown code, lad."
(6/20/2011 11:40:05 PM) nmorse: Reach over to the hovering Glock, and cock the hammer back. "Yes, they are. But they are way over there."
(6/20/2011 11:41:06 PM) nmorse: Per by 5. Was the safety even off on this thing?
(6/20/2011 11:41:14 PM) shurato2099: The kid: Of course, I know it! (sweating a little) What, do you think I'm -stupid-?! (from the gothy girl) Gee, let me think ...
(6/20/2011 11:43:05 PM) shurato2099: (on closer inspection of the weapon, the safety was still on. )
(6/20/2011 11:43:18 PM) shurato2099: (Amateur night. )
(6/20/2011 11:43:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (apparantly I'm the good cop today) "Look, this could turn really ugly, or we could all sit down calmly with fewer shambling monsters and loaded firearms and talk things over. If you've got a legitimate and short-term use for one of those artifacts, we may be able to arrange something. "
(6/20/2011 11:43:23 PM) edorries: I'd tie his shoelaces together, but if he can't remember how to shut 'em off, he'll probably have to run too.
(6/20/2011 11:45:09 PM) shurato2099: The kid: It's just a damn ledger, man! Shows my Gramps only borrowed money from the mob back in the day, he wasn't launderin' for 'em! He died in the joint!
(6/20/2011 11:45:45 PM) edorries: Argh. I really really don't wanna go look him up there, y'know?
(6/20/2011 11:46:56 PM) nmorse: He telling the truth?
(6/20/2011 11:47:57 PM) shurato2099: The sword hasn't buzzed a bit.
(6/20/2011 11:48:17 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Sigh. "That's maybe a bit trickier, but there's a statue of limitations that may help here... plus hopefully most of the main actors are retired if not dead. You do realize that a stolen ledger is going to be difficult to admit as any kind of evidence, right? "
(6/20/2011 11:50:01 PM) shurato2099: The kid: It doesn't matter. It proves it. Even if its just for us, it proves it.
(6/20/2011 11:50:44 PM) nmorse: "Ok, you wanted a ledger. Perhaps you could explain the OTHER items missing from the warehouse?"
(6/20/2011 11:50:45 PM) Chris: Then why did you need to steal it, kid? Come on, be honest with yourself. You want /someone/ to acknowledge that he was a decent guy, right?
(6/20/2011 11:51:36 PM) shurato2099: The gothy girl is up and peering out of the alley, "Uh, hey, not to seem to pushy dude, but if you know that command word or whatever ... you might want to use it. We've got three of those things incoming ... very ... slowly. And one looks like it caught a bus."
(6/20/2011 11:52:49 PM) nmorse: Aside "A semi, actually. And yes. Incantations please."
(6/20/2011 11:52:57 PM) shurato2099: The kid: The guy that helped me write the scrolls ... he had this shoppin' list of stuff he wanted out of ol' Manfriedi's place. Just a buncha junk.
(6/20/2011 11:53:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Golems like trucks... I don't think it will catch on as a marketing jingle. You seem to be in pretty far over your head; we're just trying to get things straightened out with the minimum amount of people getting hurt. "
(6/20/2011 11:53:10 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two blinks a moment, "A semi-what?"
(6/20/2011 11:53:52 PM) edorries: Semi-crushed, now.
(6/20/2011 11:53:57 PM) Chris: "And /now/ we finally approach the truth." Heather turns to the woman and murmurs, "A truck. We need to -talk-..."
(6/20/2011 11:54:25 PM) shurato2099: The kid licks his lips a moment before he shouts in Hebrew, <... and God go with you! ... and God go with you! >
(6/20/2011 11:54:31 PM) shurato2099: The footsteps stop.
(6/20/2011 11:54:46 PM) shurato2099: ... and start up again.
(6/20/2011 11:56:22 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Some of that "junk" were stuff that, were they Hebrew rather than Catholic, should have been locked away in a restricted genizah to molder in peace. I'm pretty sure your "friend" is not telling you some important things."
(6/20/2011 11:56:35 PM) shurato2099: The gothy girl shakes her head, "Don't think that did it. Glatuu, Barada, Nictu! Nope, not working."
(6/20/2011 11:57:17 PM) nmorse: "Nope. Brent! You recall anything useful?"
(6/20/2011 11:57:25 PM) Chris: "Like your command phrase being a piece of crap, for example." Heather growls a curse under her breath and reaches into her pocket for a handful of runestones.
(6/20/2011 11:58:04 PM) shurato2099: The older of the two women glances towards Mike, "What else did he take?"
(6/20/2011 11:58:26 PM) nmorse: 'Barbeque the head, hope the scroll catches fire? I don't think we need those things wandering into any MORE traffic."
(6/20/2011 11:58:30 PM) markh: (Am I here, or on the phone?)
(6/20/2011 11:58:55 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "We're a pretty literate bunch here... can *anyone* recall a story where creating a golem didn't go horribly awry? Some days the stories are there for a reason, you know.
(6/20/2011 11:59:26 PM) shurato2099: (hand wavey time to get here. If he used the scroll method ... its kind of like writing the golem's OS custom every time. If the kid didn't know exactly what he was writing ... well ... )
(6/21/2011 12:00:22 AM) shurato2099: So yes, we have a Brent.
(6/21/2011 12:00:41 AM) Chris: And, sigh, it's midnight.
(6/21/2011 12:00:48 AM) shurato2099: Ack, you're right.
(6/21/2011 12:01:09 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Stuff to be filed away in the Vatican, and by filed away I mean in the Indiana Jones / Warehouse 23 sort of way. Possibly the right gauntlet of Saint Joan of Arc, among others."
(6/21/2011 12:01:25 AM) markh: (I'm fluent in hebrew, any particular skill you want me to roll?)
(6/21/2011 12:01:42 AM) shurato2099: occultism would be good.
(6/21/2011 12:01:47 AM) nmorse: "Obscure Hebrew liturgy"
(6/21/2011 12:02:04 AM) markh: Roll(3d6)+0:

(6/21/2011 12:02:26 AM) edorries: I could try lifting it out. Maybe
(6/21/2011 12:02:28 AM) markh: Occultism or mystic creatures by 7
(6/21/2011 12:02:51 AM) nmorse: Grab floaty gun. Pull back slide. Check ammo. Any hope that his partner at least loaded the thing with some kind of bane round, just in case?
(6/21/2011 12:02:54 AM) shurato2099: She blinks, "How in blazes did it wind up here? Nevermind, New York ... "
(6/21/2011 12:03:47 AM) markh: (If I was his "Partner", I'd make sure to load it with rounds that won't do anything. Clean up the loose ends.)
(6/21/2011 12:04:17 AM) nmorse: At least it's loaded.
(6/21/2011 12:04:24 AM) shurato2099: His phone starts to ring from where he dropped it.
(6/21/2011 12:06:32 AM) shurato2099: As they round the corner, we'll fade to black. You have three golems, all covered in black tool dip and dressed like bikers. One of them looks like he caught a truck .. his helmet is gone, he's flattened out in odd places (one arm is hanging limp and one of the legs actually seems to have a knee) and a lot of the tool dip is scraped off.
(6/21/2011 12:06:48 AM) Chris: "Pick that up and answer it. On speaker..."
(6/21/2011 12:10:16 AM) shurato2099: He flips open the phone, "Ah. I see that you've tried to shut down our little toys, Benjamin. It is too bad for you that we cannot aford to have any loose ends in this endeavor. I hope that you had good use of the book you wanted and that those with you appreciate your craftsmanship. For a stablehand, you weren't bad." The voice was clearly on the other end of a distorter.
(6/21/2011 12:10:38 AM) nmorse: "Hand glock off to brent, rummage in messenger bag for the canister of salt. If they bounced off the ward on the deli door, we might be able to keep them going for hours.
(6/21/2011 12:12:17 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): Mike waves frantically at Percy's crystal pendant... at this particular instant, this cell phone has an ethereal connection to the phone at the other end
(6/21/2011 12:12:37 AM) edorries: Slick daddy-o there. Real charmer.
(6/21/2011 12:13:05 AM) nmorse: Nod, point Brent at an imaginary line on ground, snatch Benjamin's phone.
(6/21/2011 12:13:49 AM) shurato2099: Ben's pretty much just staring aghast at the phone. And *sniffsniff* exuding the scent of surrender.
(6/21/2011 12:13:56 AM) shurato2099: Snatching it is pretty much casual.
(6/21/2011 12:13:59 AM) markh: (It'll take a minute to cast the eye, if that is what you want me to do.)
(6/21/2011 12:14:36 AM) nmorse: (no, if I'm scrying, we need you to be warding)
(6/21/2011 12:15:07 AM) shurato2099: roll it.
(6/21/2011 12:15:28 AM) Chris: (If someone else can ward us, I can try to dispel 'em...)
(6/21/2011 12:15:38 AM) markh: (My word of protect? My spirit barrier won't likely work on golems.)
(6/21/2011 12:15:48 AM) nmorse: (please be up the block at the landscapers, please be up the block ar the landscapers) Scrying by 24. 16km.
(6/21/2011 12:16:15 AM) shurato2099: Not up the block at the landcapers. The trail is leading off into Manhattan.
(6/21/2011 12:17:07 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): I do have a Dispel Summon, but it's slow-acting. Normally we'd need to subdue the targets, although in this case we might be able to get them plodding in a small loop
(6/21/2011 12:19:01 AM) nmorse: mute Ben's phone. "He's on the move, towards manhattan
(6/21/2011 12:19:05 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Also, it might not be powerful enough without some extra work)
(6/21/2011 12:22:04 AM) shurato2099: 16 km should get you into Manhattan, I think. So, yeah.
(6/21/2011 12:22:37 AM) shurato2099: Anyway, it is after midnight so we'll call it here.
(6/21/2011 12:23:08 AM) edorries: OK. Reminder, I'm out playing lady on Sunday. :-/
(6/21/2011 12:23:56 AM) shurato2099: Roight.
(6/21/2011 12:23:58 AM) Chris: Two weeks from tonight is July 4th, I'm assuming that we will not be meeting that evening?
(6/21/2011 12:24:11 AM) shurato2099: Quite likely not.
(6/21/2011 12:24:16 AM) edorries: I will actually be available, as far as I know. :-)
(6/21/2011 12:24:32 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): Possibly; we've got vague plans involving fireworks if the weather is nice
(6/21/2011 12:24:42 AM) Mike Hammond (James D): If the weather is sucky, we may well game
(6/21/2011 12:24:44 AM) shurato2099: Unless it rains catestrophically, then we'll be exposing Anya to movies.
(6/21/2011 12:25:01 AM) shurato2099: Or that.
(6/21/2011 12:25:08 AM) markh: Okay... I'll see people later, hopefully.
(6/21/2011 12:25:14 AM) shurato2099: Seeya!
(6/21/2011 12:25:19 AM) markh: Better go before I lose connection again.
(6/21/2011 12:25:23 AM) markh: night!
(6/21/2011 12:25:23 AM) Chris: Perhaps arrange an alternate date by email?
(6/21/2011 12:25:24 AM) edorries: Byebye!
(6/21/2011 12:25:28 AM) shurato2099: Night!
(6/21/2011 12:25:30 AM) nmorse: Night!
(6/21/2011 12:27:55 AM) edorries: <wave>
(7/10/2011 4:46:47 PM) cgallett: test
(6:27:00 PM) GM (Brad): Okay, that worked.
(6:27:23 PM) is now known as Percy Cartwright (Nate)
(6:37:15 PM) Anya (Christy) [] entered the room.
(6:37:32 PM) GM (Brad): Howdy
(6:38:39 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Greetings
(6:45:04 PM) GM (Brad): No James yet.
(6:45:17 PM) Anya (Christy): Let work about 6:40 ish
(6:45:54 PM) Anya (Christy): SO what are we doing tonight
(6:48:27 PM) Anya (Christy): nothing?
(6:50:16 PM) GM (Brad): Well, tonight was to be dealing with those troublesome golems as I recall. People were talking about luring them back to the landscaping yard and taking a ditch-witch to them.
(6:52:08 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Arguing with food. Fighting golems. Tracking down masters of Evil. Save the world. Get the girl. Go to Disneyplanet.
(6:55:59 PM) Anya (Christy): ok
(7:01:02 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): :-O No complaints from Anya about getting the girl? We have a nice Jewish boy available if she prefers, who easily knows more about running the family vineyard than everyone else in the scene.
(7:03:22 PM) Chris [] entered the room.
(7:03:31 PM) Chris: Hey all
(7:04:10 PM) GM (Brad): With a little grape education, Benjamin could likely do well with a vinyard, yes.
(7:05:08 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(7:05:34 PM) GM (Brad): Heya!
(7:05:47 PM) Anya (Christy): hi
(7:06:03 PM) markh: Hi!
(7:07:24 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): H Chris, Mark!
(7:07:36 PM) Chris: Long time no see
(7:10:56 PM) markh: So... Golems.
(7:11:18 PM) Chris: Indeed, golems.
(7:12:49 PM) GM (Brad): James home. Talking about golems.
(7:16:34 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Golems. They're big. They're slow. They can absorb an insane amount of damage. Presumably they're strong.

Do NOT teach them tool using skills. I do not want to dodge flying dumpsters
(7:16:56 PM) markh left the room.
(7:18:13 PM) GM (Brad): Pretty much, yes.
(7:19:41 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(7:24:52 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): So our first thought was to hand Benjamin over to Brent, in hopes our linguist could figure out if there are any exploitable holes in the golem's programming. the rest of us get to lure the things, and at some point we need to ask the nice inhuman girls what their part is in all of this.
(7:25:42 PM) markh left the room.
(7:25:58 PM) Anya (Christy): did our resident Jewis Grandmom have any ideas
(7:26:03 PM) GM (Brad): So there have been some ideas put forth for dealng with the golems. They have a few weaknesses due to their construction: they're slow, they're heavy, they're ponderous. They have a scroll, written in Hebrew, in their chests which are basically their Golem OS. Their solid, damp clay construction doesn't have a lot in the way of resistant Defense but it has a helluva lot of Body and damage reduction.
(7:26:04 PM) Mike Hammond (James D) [] entered the room.
(7:26:47 PM) GM (Brad): No one has yet consulted with Granny, as far as I know. Her creator/part-time player cackled with glee when I mentioned the golems to her but that was about it.
(7:28:19 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We certainly intend to call Granny, although I'm doubtful she'll be able to supply any suggestions useful in combat time. We're sort of assuming that a few of us can flail about on the Internet to reinforce our existing skills and know quite a lot about golems
(7:28:20 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(7:28:52 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): So, long-ish rant/discussion started on phone with Christy, and refined while talking to Brad; I'll try and summarize:
(7:29:07 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): We've got a limited variety of ways of permanently fixing the problem:
(7:29:25 PM) Anya (Christy): Anya will call an ask
(7:29:47 PM) Anya (Christy): this sound like some thing she should know about
(7:30:34 PM) markh: Yah, I can try to find loopholes in the "instructions".
(7:30:50 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Good. Anya can kick them and hold a phone to her ear at the same time. Just don't lose track of what you're doing, and try to use Capoeria's straight-razor moves with your Razor cellphone. :D
(7:30:53 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): A) Fire/heat/energy damage: This both bakes out their damp clay (reducing various stats), and eventually will combust their scroll, rendering them inert. This is a great plan, but we simply don't have a portable way of doing anywhere near *enough* heat damage. The only obvious choice is the walk-in kiln at the landscape company, which requires noncombat time to prep and the golems either heavily tricked or more likely disabled
(7:32:44 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): B) Dispel / desummon / etc. techniques. They're not summoned entities in the classical sense, so "back from whence you came" doesn't apply. They're also not evil magic / curse / etc. which removes several other options. Given substantial noncombat time, Brent & Mike *might* be able to put their power and skills together and come up with something, but it's not good odds
(7:33:18 PM) GM (Brad): Heather's Dispel is also fairly generic, as I recall.
(7:33:41 PM) Chris: Heather's dispel is any magic, yeah
(7:36:35 PM) markh left the room.
(7:36:41 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (They may not even be magical... technically they're the result of a holy and just Jew crafting a very specific prayer for YHWH to animate the clay to right a wrong. The process has been heavily subverted in this instance, but I'm pretty sure Mike is highly dubious about trying to out-power the directed will of YHWH...)
(7:37:46 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(7:38:22 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Plus, as a first guess the generic book clay golems are around 300 points; Mike has a dispel that *might* almost qualify, but it tops out at 196ish)
(7:41:29 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Lets go with Plan C: Mike duels them with a Ditch Witch
(7:41:47 PM) Chris: Hrm. My Dispel is 10d6, but I'm not sure if it can work cumulative... how does that go, again?
(7:41:59 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (still going through things, distracted by arachnid)
(7:42:08 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): You have to have bought the advantage
(7:42:56 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): IIRC you have a high-dice single-shot Dispel, and I've got a low-dice-but-cumulative one. We could probably handwave combining our efforts given substantial noncombat time
(7:43:20 PM) Chris: Yeah
(7:43:41 PM) Chris: I do have a couple of unspent points, but I don't think it's enough to push the advantage.
(7:43:46 PM) markh left the room.
(7:44:12 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): C) Lop parts off. They are both rubbery and regenerative, but as best we can tell they don't regrow things. Logically, once a substantial mass has been separated from the part containing the scroll, it's just inert clay again
(7:46:23 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): The most workable plan here is probably to soup up Heather & Percy, our best sources of Cutting damage, to the point they have a reasonable chance of removing limbs. Once they've been substantially reduced in both move and attack, we can get them into the kiln for the final elimination, with a front-loading shovel or other construction equipment if needed
(7:47:27 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Attempting to de-limb them or just remove significant chunks of torso with a backhoe or other construction equipment is at least a possibility; Mike has the right basic skills (Combat Driving, Construction Equipment TF, etc.) but probably not enough levels to do well unless they are distracted or restrained
(7:48:07 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(7:48:13 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): D) Cheat via the astral plane. One of the first things we should try is to have Judy reach into their chests from the other side and remove the scroll. I don't think it will work, but it only takes a moment to check
(7:49:00 PM) markh: (I do have that new protect spell...)
(7:49:02 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Mike has, with some minor handwaving, the ability to do very small amounts of cross-planar fire damage; with some work he could try to set the scroll on fire from the astral side. Again, not likely to work, but worth a phase or so
(7:49:54 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): If Brent's academic-based spells include anything that manipulates writing or paper, we could also go that route
(7:50:23 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Nothing in category D is likely to work, but most options are easy to check, and it would be foolish not to try
(7:50:27 PM) GM (Brad): He's mostly ritual and circle-based stuff as I recall.
(7:50:33 PM) markh: Not directly, no. I do have some TK, but I doubt I can pull a scroll out of a golem.
(7:51:10 PM) markh: I do have a few combat time spells, but they will likely not work on golems.
(7:51:34 PM) GM (Brad): Now, to remind folks of what Judy was able to see from her side: the golems are almost completely not there except for gold-white glowing points about chest height on them and about the size of her fist give or take.
(7:51:59 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (It occurs to us that getting some sort of "erase scroll" spell would be highly useful in a variety of situations... "encrypt document", the logical reverse of a "comprehend languages" effect, might also be nifty)
(7:52:16 PM) GM (Brad): From this side, there's a lot of stuff in the way for most of you to be seeing that.
(7:52:35 PM) edorries [] entered the room.
(7:52:36 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): OK, go for it Plan D people. Guess I'm bait. Are they headed straight for Benjamin, or are they out to menace everybody?
(7:52:41 PM) markh: (My new protect spell is force field (6/6) - invisible power effects +1/2, usable on others +1)
(7:52:53 PM) edorries: (Meep?)
(7:53:10 PM) markh: Hi, Judy.
(7:53:12 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Pretty much all of this assumes we are taunting them back to the landscaping company yard, both for access to kiln, backhoe, etc. and to reduce bystander damage
(7:53:18 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Hi Judy!
(7:54:08 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): E) Memetic / programming attack. Hope that there's an exploitable flaw in the instructions. Not likely and time-consuming, but worth a try if we get badly stuck or overpowered on other plans
(7:55:09 PM) markh: (Been too long since I've seen the original stark trek...)
(7:55:45 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): F) Yank them completely into the Astral / Spirit Plane, and combat their spiritual essense, or some other trick. Seems dubious, I don't think we actually have this capability right now. It is possible that some of us can bypass some of their defenses by attacking the glowball directly though
(7:57:21 PM) edorries: Hm. Judy can think of G) TK-pull the scroll out of 'em, but she's not sure she wants to try to challenge a religion-themed magic. She IS kind of on this plane by sufferance of the Powers That Be, after all.
(7:58:46 PM) edorries: Ah. Sorry. I guess that was D).
(7:58:57 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (I was categorizing that as one of the things to try under D). Several of us have TK of one sort or another. Problem is this is pretty much like pulling the heart of a Frankenstein's Monster out of their chest using TK; it's likely to involve beating their defenses and/or strenght, and I don't think any of us are strong enough)
(7:59:38 PM) edorries: And as I believe we'd mentioned long ago, Judy's spectral purse may contain cigarettes, but no matches.
(8:00:07 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): G) Water based or other disolve attacks. Sufficently powerful (firehose or better) might be able to sluice off clay , and if it gets to the scroll destroy it
(8:00:21 PM) Anya (Christy): no I will not bring to you
(8:00:34 PM) Anya (Christy): smoking is bad for my health
(8:00:36 PM) edorries: It's not like they're gonna hurt me anymore.
(8:00:54 PM) Anya (Christy): no but they might heart mine
(8:01:05 PM) Anya (Christy): plus you are not old enought
(8:01:09 PM) markh left the room.
(8:01:11 PM) edorries: Second-hand extra-planar smoke?
(8:01:27 PM) Anya (Christy): not if I am in your plan
(8:01:28 PM) edorries: And sixty-six ought to be old enough, thanks.
(8:01:36 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): They are tool-dipped (plastic coated), but that appears to be a non-magical coating, which should relatively easily be stripped off by attacks
(8:04:10 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Better yet would be one of those high-pressure jet washers; it's at least concievable that the lanscaping company might have one for cleaning sidewalks & walls off after they finish a project, etc.
(8:05:05 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Dances-With-Semis has taken some damage to his protective coating.
(8:05:17 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(8:06:22 PM) GM (Brad): Yeah, that one's pretty torn up. his biker leathers took most of the road-rash but he's got creases and gashes in his material all over the place.
(8:06:59 PM) markh: (Dad wants computer for a bit. Basic plan is to protect whoever is going againgst the golems, try to figure out with Benji if there is a backdoor.)
(8:07:02 PM) GM (Brad): Plus one arm is pretty much limp, just hanging by the tool-dip coating.
(8:07:14 PM) markh: (See people later, hopefully.)
(8:07:23 PM) GM (Brad): seeya!
(8:07:28 PM) markh left the room.
(8:07:42 PM) edorries: If you guys get them started, maybe I can work on peeling golems for you.
(8:08:35 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

H) Sort of a version of E), find the guy who wrote the programming and "convince" them to reveal how to shut them down or at least redirect them. I don't think we've currently got any way to do this in the time frame we've got to work with, though. is the relevant concept here

(8:08:37 PM) GM (Brad): Dances-With-Semis is pretty tattered already. It wouldn't take more than a couple of phases for Judy to peel that one like a prawn.
(8:11:02 PM) edorries: Hee!
(8:12:36 PM) GM (Brad): That black, rubbery stuff is tough to start a tear in, but once its there it shears pretty easily.
(8:13:46 PM) edorries: (Carl says that stuff doesn't work too well on hammers.)
(8:14:27 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): That means I dance with tweedledum and tweedledee. I didn't see an answer to my question: are they focusing on Ben, or being generally menacing to everyone in the alley?
(8:15:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (The logic here being that while there certainly are "some people who just want to see the world burn", especially in our line of work, evidence so far is that whoever is behind this is much more interested in material goods and power than would be likely for a total nutjob, and therefore is likely to have built in *some* sort of safeguard)
(8:16:18 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): GM says they are focusing on NPC and those immediately around him, e.g. in the alley
(8:18:27 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Barring the ability to take the whole fight astral, which I don't think we can do yet, the obvious immediate solution is for someone moderately strong and fast moving (Heather?) to grab Ben (NPC, former commander of golems) by the scruff of the neck and bound off with them. It seems likely the golems will follow
(8:18:57 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Anyone who isn't present in the alley will be contacted ASAP to meet us at the landscape company
(8:19:31 PM) GM (Brad): Saint Seiya she's not, but Ben is within her convenient carry strength.
(8:19:59 PM) GM (Brad): And she brought her bike.
(8:20:09 PM) edorries: (And she's much less likely to shout out her power names.)
(8:20:13 PM) Chris: Heh
(8:20:16 PM) Chris: That she is
(8:21:00 PM) Anya (Christy): so what I am I up too?
(8:21:49 PM) GM (Brad): How much weight can you take over to the other side with you, Anya?
(8:22:18 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): You Kick tweedledee with your highest DCV attack if he feviates from course, I'll cut Tweedledum similarly, and we herd the lot of them to the landscaping yard
(8:23:06 PM) GM (Brad): *checks sheet* x4 mass to ... four people including herself.
(8:23:42 PM) Anya (Christy): I was look but if you already know
(8:24:48 PM) GM (Brad): So Anya can get herself and three other people over into the spirit world on a phase's notice, really good for getting people out of kilns for instance.
(8:26:52 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I'm not sure most of us can survive even *one* phase of operating-kiln temps, and if it's not yet fired up, the golems will have to be immobilized somehow to prevent them from escaping. Possibly by simply bashing their way out, for instance.
(8:29:48 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Mike is likely to be the most fire-resistant we have; if he fully powers his Blessing of Earth *and* Blessing of Fire, he gets up to 4 rED, 10 total... even 1d6 killing will take him down quickly, and at full temp it's likely to be rather more than that)
(8:30:43 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Note that things like Combat Luck, defenses with an activation roll, etc. don't help against environmental damage like being kiln-fired...)
(8:31:07 PM) GM (Brad):

So. With all of that said:

(8:31:56 PM) GM (Brad): GM whimsical when hungry.
(8:32:00 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): So, Mister Gm, if we back away briskly, can we keep out of their full move?
(8:32:32 PM) GM (Brad): They don't move quickly. They lumber inexorably.
(8:33:34 PM) GM (Brad): A strong person can heft Ben and run off with him, at least far enough to get to one of the motorbikes. You might want to consider traffic flow, however, as they look to preffer straight lines more or less.
(8:34:34 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Right. Heather grabs Ben, Percy provides cover and leads them back to the landscape company; rest of us pile into cars / other bikes and speed ahead to start prep?
(8:34:49 PM) GM (Brad): You have two bikes and one car.
(8:35:08 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): If anyone has any ideas about making this less hideously obvious so we don't *start* on the news, that would be good
(8:35:46 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Putting Ben in the back of the car and driving slowly with lumbering golems behind might be a better plan actually, with rest of us taking motorbikes to zip ahead?)
(8:36:38 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): yes. Try not to let them play with the bumper
(8:37:09 PM) GM (Brad): Or the fender ...
(8:37:14 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): ("Channel 42's traffic copter now bringing you low-speed golem chase live from the freeway...")
(8:38:34 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): ("And now we cut to the coverage of the national Paint Drying Championships at the convention center)
(8:39:58 PM) GM (Brad): Okay, so. First off, the golems do seem to be targetted on Benjamin. As soon as he's hefted up and away from the rest of the group the golems lose all interest in you. They can get a pretty good Frankenstein shuffle going but runners they aren't.
(8:43:32 PM) GM (Brad): The dark skinned woman of the pair you followed out here looks to her companion, "Lilith, fetch a taxicab and get along home. I'll be along at some point." The goth girl grumps, "Ferra, I'm not afraid of those things you know ... " Ferra closes her eyes a moment, "I know, but I've promised not to let you 'risk your fool neck' and one of these things could fall on you before all is said and done."
(8:45:30 PM) Anya (Christy): major t-storms here
(8:46:36 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): "Harry, I want you and your young friends to stay out of this. Fighting Voldemort is no place for children."
*glance at Ferra while shepherding golems*
"Do you really think that's going to work"
(8:47:29 PM) edorries: "So I can leave now?" <grin>
(8:47:35 PM) edorries: <peel peel>
(8:47:55 PM) GM (Brad): She shrugs, "Knowing Lilith, I doubt it, but I had to at least try. That girl's already gotten herself into more trouble since I've met her than I've managed in entire years."
(8:48:20 PM) Chris: Heather chuckles softly and nods. "Of course, you've had so -many- trouble-free years..."
(8:48:38 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): "I heard that Judy"
(8:48:58 PM) edorries: <laugh, continues peeling golem>
(8:49:47 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Barring unexpected luck, we're probably going to need everyone we can get on this one; I certainly don't intend for most of us to get within swinging distance of those things, but there are plenty of other things that may need doing"
(8:50:58 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Important thought... we need to check for back-links on them. If they've got some sort of clairvoyance focus on them and can be remote-commanded, that's way more dangerous than merely dealing with their preprogrammed behavior
(8:51:05 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra glances over to Heather, "Quite a few ... punctuated at times with getting myself, how does Lili put it, 'ass deep in aligators'. "
(8:51:28 PM) GM (Brad): Good thought. Folks with sense magic, roll 'em.
(8:52:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

PER: Skill: 3d6 = 11, Success by 3 against a 14 (5, 5, 1)

(8:52:26 PM) Anya (Christy): Roll(3d6)+0:

(8:53:32 PM) Chris: Roll(3d6)+0:
(8:53:36 PM) Chris: Made it by 12
(8:54:40 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Roll (0d0)+0=0
(8:54:46 PM) Anya (Christy): BY 5
(8:55:26 PM) GM (Brad): Okay. Folks can get a good look at the golems in general. For thos with discriminatory, they look to be works of theurgy as opposed to most conventional magics but there's something else faintly visible from inside them that isn't theurgy ... more like some sort of invocational magic, dormant, and decidely icey.
(8:57:10 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): Icy or Icky?
(8:57:20 PM) GM (Brad): More icy than icky.
(8:58:36 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "And once I've used them to kill all my enemies, I can use them to bring me beer and chill it at the same time!"
(8:59:02 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Probably not. More than a bit odd.... it could be some sort of ice-based entangle as a backup restraint?
(8:59:22 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate): So let us focus on pressure washers and landscaping vehicles, and less on the kiln.
(8:59:51 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Could be a backup defense against being kiln-fired, true
(9:00:58 PM) Percy Cartwright (Nate) left the room.
(9:01:37 PM) [] entered the room.
(9:01:50 PM) GM (Brad): Ben: Th-the guy got me all the materials for the scrolls ... the blanks, the ink, the words, everything ... oh, man, I'm gonna die ...
(9:01:54 PM) Green duck crashed
(9:06:10 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra frowns at him, "It isn't just your life at stake here, you realize. Whoever you were working with has some relics of note in his hands now. Jean's gauntlet, it seems, and that blood ... "
(9:07:15 PM) "Benjamin! Calm down and THINK! You built them, you directed them. They're created to menace medieval catholics, not twenty-first century city dwellers"
(9:07:44 PM) GM (Brad): So, anyway, the dash to the landscaping yard is pretty quick ... it was only a few city blocks.
(9:10:07 PM) So, what our our resources? I seriously doubt there's a Holocaust Cloak laying about. And what civilian presence do we need to deal with?
(9:11:35 PM) GM (Brad): Ben: I know that, man! Okay ... okay ... I got interested in how old Rabbi Loew made his golem in Prague and this guy sends me an e-mail sayin' that he knows how to do some of that stuff only he can't because he's not the 'wronged party' like my Granpa was. We set up a meet and he showes me some of the really old recipes ... how to prepare the clay, the prayers to say over it while I work ... everything. But I had to do all the work.
(9:13:11 PM) Chris: Heather nods, "Typical, typical. They love to leave the apprentice all the grunt work."
(9:13:50 PM) *spoink* "All right ben, you've been wronged once more. Command the golems to turn their wrath on the old dude."
(9:13:53 PM) GM (Brad): Ben: I'd do one step and e-mail him back, we'd meet up and I'd get what I needed for the next. All he wanted was a couple of pieces from old Manfriedi's warehouse. Said he stole them from a couple of churches in Europe somewhere.
(9:15:09 PM) GM (Brad): Ben just blinks at Percy for a moment, "Whu? I can't even turn 'em off, man! 'Sides, I don't know where he lives or even his real name."
(9:16:39 PM) GM (Brad):

Ben: All I've got is his email name.

(9:17:16 PM) Chris: Heather parses the spelling of that, then groans.
(9:17:59 PM) "It was a thought"
(9:18:24 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (I don't think Ben actually has Programming: Golem, let alone Hacking: Golem. He seems to have just been following a very detailed recipe provided by the mysterious person on the other end)
(9:19:47 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (I'm not a hacker, and we'd need a really good one to make headway against Google. They managed to spot and fight off what was almost certainly the Chinese government, for example.)
(9:20:05 PM) GM (Brad): Ben sets his jaw, "If I know who the guy really was or where he was I'd go for him in a heartbeat ... but I don't, man ... "
(9:20:10 PM) (Yeah, he seems to be only up to double-clicking the link to
(9:20:34 PM) Chris: (Anyone who double-clicks links is a dumbass.)
(9:21:22 PM) edorries: (Why can't he just get viruses from clicking on links to scantily-clad women, like a normal teenage guy? . . . What? Yeah, I do watch a lot of TV at night, why?)
(9:22:11 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): If he's tripped up we might get some basic info.... he may have been trolling for someone like Ben here for long enough to have left traces in various places. Is there an alt.programming.kabbalah newsgroup? :)
(9:22:37 PM) GM (Brad): In this world ... it has a better than average chance.
(9:23:02 PM) GM (Brad): And to be filled with crackpots and weirdos, mind you, but there could be enough legit folks.
(9:23:48 PM) So, what do we have to work with, and what civilians do we need to clear out?
(9:27:57 PM) GM (Brad): Keeping well ahead of the golems and minding the crosswalks, you don't have a whole lot of civilian problems getting back to the yard. The golems kind of shoulder through a couple of clumps of people and almost get hit a couple of times to the screech of tires and the blaring of horns but no colissions. At the yard you have a number of things now that Ben is there with the keys to let you in. He has some heavy equipment for some of his father's larger contracts, augers and hoes and a ditch-witch and that kind of thing. Several high pressure sprayers to handle anything from water to seed/fertilizer mix. He can also show you his workspace where he built the things if you can do it fast.
(9:32:49 PM) No one else at the yard?
(9:34:47 PM) GM (Brad): Not at the moment. It looks like there were several trucks here previously that are out as you pull in. There may well be somebody in the office.
(9:36:16 PM) Anya (Christy): nighy night
(9:36:31 PM) GM (Brad): night!
(9:36:35 PM) edorries: night
(9:36:48 PM) Chris: night anya!
(9:36:57 PM) Anya (Christy) left the room.
(9:38:01 PM) Chris: I can use a force wall to channel them on the way in... maybe even a binding, if I can catch one in it...
(9:38:53 PM) Channelling them towards the ditch witch is good.
(9:39:44 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Time is roughly early afternoon?
(9:40:03 PM) GM (Brad): This is early afternoon, middle of the day, so lots of their people are likely out on calls.
(9:40:52 PM) GM (Brad): Ben: I ... I was supposed to be minding the store, switched shifts so there wouldn't be anybody around when they came back with the ledger.
(9:41:46 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): On the one hand, we may need to deal with mundane office / manager / dispatcher folks, at least to keep them out of our hair. At this point it's looking like the whole company isn't in on the corruption. GM notes that this is Ben's father's company still; Ben presumably has considerable leeway as son of the owner (and possible future owner) but doesn't run the place
(9:44:33 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Other thoughts... there are probably security cameras around, any place with a large lot and various vehicles and equipment like this needs something. We may have to worry about tapes, etc. afterward. If they have off-site monitoring during the day that's a more serious problem. Hopefully Ben knows about this stuff
(9:44:58 PM) edorries: Want me to mess something up?
(9:45:49 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (I'm assuming Ben either smuggled them out in a truck originally, or knew where the cameras were enough to avoid them.)
(9:46:12 PM) Ok, Mike on earthmover of chice, Anya and ben on the utlra squirt guns. heather on walls, Brent on shilding me, Judy on peeling duty, an I get to put some tears into the things.
(9:46:37 PM) GM (Brad): According to Ben he'd made some preparations to keep things quiet today. Everybody's out on a call upstate, the office manager doesn't come in until later today and he was supposed to be on dispatch in case something else came up. He had the security system off for when the golems were supposed to be back, the thing's always on the fritz anyway ... half the cameras are dummies.
(9:50:07 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Well, that gives us a bit more room to work, at least
(9:52:13 PM) GM (Brad): Ben: Another hour or two, I think. The crew had just got on site when ... well, when those two girls showed up. I ... thought they were maybe from Manfriedi so I ... sent them after them.
(9:52:38 PM) "Ferra, was it? You have a commercial operator's liscense?"
(9:55:24 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra: I'm afraid not. I wouldn't know how to start one of these beasts let alone steer it.
(9:55:47 PM) GM (Brad): Lilith: I call forklift!
(9:57:07 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra looks at her archly. The goth girl shrugs, "Two summers on my uncle Mike's loading docks."
(9:57:40 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Despite the song, it's pretty difficult to kill someone with a forklift. That said, if you think you can ram one of the prongs through one, it'll go a long way toward slowing it down"
(9:58:03 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra sighs, "Why couldn't she spend her summers chasing after boys like other girls ... nevermind, I can imagine what she'd bring home."
(9:58:51 PM) edorries: <giggle>
(9:58:52 PM) Chris: Heather smiles playfully. "She looks more like the type to chase girls, I'd think."
(9:59:01 PM) GM (Brad): Ben runs ahead to start unlocking the garages so that folks can get at the equipment.
(9:59:30 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Maybe we can arm Heather with a post-hole digger, see if you can get the scroll out that way... :)
(9:59:39 PM) "I don't think anyone has ever picked up and carried off a golem before. It has the advantage of newness."
(10:01:46 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (+5 Holy Avenger Post-Hole Digger of Flame... we'd originally crafted it against vampires, but turns out to do a number on golems. And, well, most things.)
(10:02:42 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (This is why PCs don't get scrolls of artifact creation, generally)
(10:06:28 PM) GM (Brad): So folks get situated with their gear. Ferra digs around in the storage for a machete, flips it around a few times, "I've seen worse. I'll take Benjamin's place. I think he might be better served, gathering up whatever of his materials are left over ... we may need them later."
(10:06:59 PM) Chris: Heather slings her sword over her back, checks a couple of guns and tucks them away, then smiles. "Ready."
(10:08:43 PM) Pull out shield amulet fom under shirt, draw blade from cane. Ask seld what the heck I'm doing. "ready"
(10:14:47 PM) GM (Brad): (we check on vehicular combat rules)
(10:17:18 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (It looks like appropriate weapon levels of 5 points or greater, if otherwise applicable, can be used to improve OCV but not DCV. Base OCV is the vehicles, with Combat Driving, or half if not)
(10:19:32 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Hmm... it looks like explicitly DCV levels can be passed on to the vehicle only if they have "Usable By"; Mike's protection amulets *do*)
(10:20:11 PM) GM (Brad): Well, there you go then. :)
(10:20:37 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Mike's readiness is most likely to involve sitting in the operator's seat of the Ditch Witch, muttering and attaching small leather pouches to the dashboard
(10:24:28 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (I briefly consider whether he could get away with casting his broomstick spell on it... probably asking a bit much for the original spell, I need to upgrade it at some point)
(10:25:38 PM) Does ditch witch operation count as a farming skill?
(10:25:56 PM) GM (Brad): These days ... probably. Why?
(10:26:19 PM) edorries: (Definitely not a Nimbus Two Thousand.)
(10:28:32 PM) Will pull small leather pouch out of messenger bag, and toss it to Mike. "One for your collection". (1d6=4pts aid to appropriate skill)
(10:29:06 PM) (...for the next three months...)
(10:29:58 PM) GM (Brad): ... well that should help his Combat Driving: Ditch-Witch considerably. :)
(10:30:31 PM) GM (Brad): However, given the hour, I'm not going to run a full combat. Folks give me three combat rolls, levels and weirdness included.
(10:31:12 PM) edorries: Yeah, I'm pretty weird. :-)
(10:31:38 PM) edorries: Roll(3d6)+0:


(10:32:17 PM) edorries: A 5, a fail, and a 5
(10:33:37 PM) Chris: Roll(3d6)+0:


(10:33:40 PM) GM (Brad): Conveniently, these guys are 5s. Judy mostly peeling the tool-dip off of them?
(10:33:50 PM) edorries: Yup.
(10:34:31 PM) Roll(3d6)+0:
Total:12 (Hits DCV 5

Total:16 (Hits DCV 1)

Total:7 (Hits DCV 10)
With Spectral armor and kite shield active, operating at DCV 10, 10/10 Pd/Ed
(10:35:31 PM) Chris: success/fail-by-1/success in my case
(10:37:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D):

(We handwave Ditch Witch as having an OCV 4; Mike has 2 applicable levels after various bonuses, for a net 6): To-hit roll: 3d6 = 10; with 6 OCV hit DCV 7 (5, 1, 4); To-hit roll: 3d6 = 14; with 6 OCV hit DCV 3 (3, 5, 6); To-hit roll: 3d6 = 10; with 6 OCV hit DCV 7 (4, 3, 3)

(10:37:50 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Note also that after blessings, both Mike *and* the Ditch Witch have 1d6 Luck)
(10:38:03 PM) GM (Brad): So lots of hit-whiff-hit I'm seeing here.
(10:38:42 PM) edorries: Beats the other way 'round
(10:39:19 PM) GM (Brad): With an average whiff-whiff-hit from the golems. Advantage, Samurai ... er ... sentient people thingies.
(10:42:58 PM) GM (Brad): It turns into an interesting, if short, fight. There turns out to be littlle need for containment of the golems: they're going straight for Ben and lashing out at anybody else who happens to be around him. As creatures of solid clay, edged weapons are pretty much the way to go since blunt trauma just dents them a little and nearly sprains Anya's ankle from kicking something that solid.
(10:44:21 PM) Which is why she's on pressure hose detail
(10:46:10 PM) GM (Brad): Hacking at limbs will take arms off of two of them, while Dances-With-Semis loses his/its early on from Judy peeling him like a grape. The high pressure sprayers cut into the clay more than some may have expected, carving out divots in the golems that can then be exploited by the weapon weilders. Lilith on the forklift gets one of the golems wedged gainst a wall ... one tine of the lift going through it and out the other side ... the cage on the lift also gets battered pretty badly before the golem can be de-limbed.
(10:47:51 PM) GM (Brad): The ditch-witch ... folks are pretty sure that things like that shouldn't move as well as Mike manages to get this one to move, but the oversized chainsaw on that thing does wonders when it connects, ripping out gobs of clay and cutting one of the golems roughly in half.
(10:48:36 PM) GM (Brad): Each of the weapons weilders will take one, admittedly lucky, shot from the golems along the way.
(10:49:11 PM) Ow ow ow ow... glad we have a healer
(10:49:30 PM) GM (Brad): Roll(6d6)+0:
Total:26 and 8 body.
(10:50:14 PM) GM (Brad): Combat Luck and such counts.
(10:50:19 PM) Stuns me, but doesn't break me.
(10:50:47 PM) scratch tha, missed stunning me by 1
(10:51:28 PM) Chris: Bit more than half of my total stun...
(10:53:22 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Mike is heavily forted up; he'll take no BODY and 8 STUN, which will certainly rate an "oof!" but shouldn't slow him down noticeably. With his and the Ditch Witch's improved DCV he shouldn't have to take that very often
(10:54:03 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Minor Blessing, Totem of the Warrior, Totem of Physical Protection, Ritual of the Bear, Blessing of the Earth...)
(10:54:49 PM) GM (Brad): Yeah, Heather's pretty sure that she doesn't want to go toe-to-toe with more than one of these things if she can help it.
(10:55:07 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (He's giving up most of his wacky mystical abilities to do this sort of thing, but right now this is pretty straightforward physical combat against animate lumps of clay...)
(10:55:09 PM) Chris: Actually, if I can count both the rune-magic and combat luck, I'd have 13 PD.
(10:58:48 PM) Chris: But yeah, definitely don't want to fight large groups of these.
(10:59:52 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:00:31 PM) markh: Hey, back.
(11:00:36 PM) GM (Brad): By the end of the battle there are several damaged vehicles, some battered and bruised protagonists and damp clay all over the place. Judy tried to pull the scroll out of one of the golems and didn't have enough TK strength to get it out through all of that clay.
(11:00:49 PM) and here is our signature weapon, used in anger.
(11:01:29 PM) edorries: It looks like junior high art class, gone horribly wrong~
(11:03:22 PM) GM (Brad): Yours is a little smaller than that but, yes, that's essentially it.
(11:06:33 PM) markh left the room.
(11:07:11 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:07:35 PM) all right. once the scrolls are out, rinse these things completely into the storm drain, confiscate Ben't notes and materials, and see if anything points someplace other than _at_him_ on the dowsing spell.
(11:08:07 PM) GM (Brad): roll it.
(11:10:15 PM) Roll(3d6)+0:
Total:6... out to 64km?
(11:11:46 PM) I kno where old dude was before we started in on the golems. That should help weed out false positives.
(11:13:12 PM) markh left the room.
(11:14:58 PM) GM (Brad): ... Manhattan, downtown. From your phone it looks like a high-rise office building.
(11:16:56 PM) note the address, we can start doing research while en route. What to do about Benjamin? Aside form have granny contact his rabbi to scold him properly?
(11:16:57 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): So we need to do some basic cleanup here, figure out what to do about Ben, and then head back toward downtown. Possibly via someplace we can shower & change, given we're probably pretty clay-covered
(11:18:02 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): I presume most of us keep spare outfits at the lighthouse... it might be simpler to go by there rather than split up to our separate homes/offices/crypts :)
(11:18:17 PM) Chris: Heather keeps spare outfits on her bike.
(11:18:21 PM) Chris: Always available.
(11:20:38 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra hmms, "The boy made serious mistakes and he should be made to atone for them but not, I think, with his life. The hand that guided him, however, is another matter entirely. That one made a serious attempt at murder if nothing else."
(11:21:07 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:21:13 PM) Chris: Heather nods. "The boy is guilty of little more than foolishness, really."
(11:22:38 PM) edorries: Hey, I don't have a crypt. That I know of, anyway
(11:23:03 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra looks amongst the PCs, "What would this man, Manfriedi, do with him?"
(11:23:19 PM) Chris: "Probably kill him."
(11:26:24 PM) GM (Brad): She shakes her head, "Unacceptable, to me at least. The boy was a tool for another, that one should bear the weight of this Sicilian's wrath."
(11:26:26 PM) "Point. Benjamin, I'll give you ten minutes with your photocopier, but things will be unpleasantly complicated for you if the actual ledger doesn't go back."
(11:26:49 PM) GM (Brad): Lilith chuckles a bit, "Nobody uses wrath anymore, Ferra. Seriously, who talks like that?"
(11:27:07 PM) markh left the room.
(11:27:50 PM) edorries: The old guy is old school. He might.
(11:28:04 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): He's broken several mundane laws... Breaking & Entering, Grand Larceny, etc.
(11:28:05 PM) "Do you want a list, lillith?"
(11:28:20 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Unfortunately, we've got basically no way to conventionally prosecute him
(11:28:47 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra shrugs, "I do. At least three others come to mind."
(11:29:23 PM) Chris: Heather nods and settles on a desk. "I've been known to wax poetical now and then."
(11:29:56 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra nods, "Four, then."
(11:30:56 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:31:18 PM) GM (Brad): Lilith shrugs, "So ... don't go conventional? I don't know that many conventional people these days, but I'd think that this guy deserves another chance. Heck ... I've screwed up plenty of times."
(11:31:38 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Neither handing him over to Manfriedi, nor more poetic options like layering him in the ex-golem clay and firing him in his own kiln seem to be really called for. We can't turn him over to the mundane authorities. *If* we end up returning all the items in acceptable condition and have someone "in charge" to blame, we may be able to make a case that he shouldn't have a Sicilian price on his head.
(11:31:51 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra nods, "So I hear." She looks to the others, "Don't let her sing nursery rhymes or try to call up spirits."
(11:32:45 PM) GM (Brad): Lilith reddens, "The pox was -chicken- and I was five!"
(11:33:07 PM) "Short term, he has the karmic entertainment of inventing an explanation for the forlklift out there. Longer term... Benjamin, where do you normally go to temple?"
(11:33:56 PM) GM (Brad): Ben swallows hard at the mention of firing him in his own kiln. He stammers off a place a few miles from here.
(11:35:23 PM) Roll(3d6)+0:
That makes my Contact group of illumiated clergy. Anyone on site that has me in their speed dial? Or Will we have to leave this in Granny's social circle?
(11:35:33 PM) edorries: Maybe we should also tell him to visit Granny's?
(11:36:09 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Basically, Ben... you need to be very sure to live an upstanding, moral life... we're willing to give you another chance, and I hope that the cosmic forces you've drawn down into your life will be as forgiving. You certainly owe them on several levels. You probably should do whatever the current equivalent of upgrading from the pair of doves all the way to the whole cow is :)
(11:36:12 PM) GM (Brad): No one there that Percy's familiar with, but he knows a couple of Rabbis who might know more.
(11:36:53 PM) GM (Brad): He pales for a moment, "I gotta sacrifice a -cow-?!"
(11:36:56 PM) markh left the room.
(11:37:40 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): "Talk to your Rabbi; they've worked out modern equivalents. Donating a lovely garden to your temple that you maintain yourself might be a nice gesture."
(11:38:09 PM) edorries: Habitat for Humanity, maybe?
(11:38:20 PM) GM (Brad): Ben nods, "That I could do ... "
(11:38:20 PM) We're in a hurry, and Granny has better contacts in that community than i do.
(11:39:25 PM) GM (Brad): So, after some quick phone calls putting the poor lad under Granny's purview for the time being folks are off to get changed.
(11:39:56 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra: So ... I know what I was looking for when I came here, what of you?
(11:41:04 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:41:10 PM) Chris: Heather chuckles, soft and impish. "No, I don't know what you were looking for... but I'd love to make a deal."
(11:42:32 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra smirks a bit, "Deals are an old trade, not to be entered into lightly. You tell me yours, I'll tell you mine."
(11:44:47 PM) Actually, mike already told her ours, back in the alley.
(11:44:58 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (Are you drawing off to one side for this conversation, or is it part of the general discussion? Mike is willing to work with "Ferra" & "Lilith" on the strength of common foes, but this exchange may raise an eyebrow)
(11:46:24 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (At the mundane level, we have mentioned the gauntlet; I suspect there's rather more to this conversation fragment than that, though)
(11:47:04 PM) markh left the room.
(11:47:09 PM) Not around Ben. He'll be happier in the long run.
(11:47:40 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): (This is sort of an "Azuria's Vault has been raided. Again." situation, for those that have played City of Heroes...)
(11:48:17 PM) markh [] entered the room.
(11:49:19 PM) GM (Brad): Ferra nods, "Of course."
(11:50:12 PM) Chris: (And it's nearly midnight.)
(11:50:58 PM) GM (Brad): Yep, we should call it here. We'll take up in ... several weeks. :) 2 week family gathering starts this coming weekend.
(11:51:19 PM) markh: ok
(11:52:04 PM) edorries: :-)
(11:52:24 PM) edorries: I'll be at the beach the weekend of the 22nd.
(11:52:25 PM) Chris: Whee
(11:53:46 PM) GM (Brad): So let's see ... 18th, 25th ... that puts me back around the 1st of August.
(11:53:59 PM) GM (Brad): Barring getting fed up with the close quarters.
(11:55:59 PM) markh: ok then. See people later.
(11:56:16 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Whether I run next week TBA
(11:56:35 PM) Mike Hammond (James D): Given we're short at least one, we'll see
(11:56:38 PM) markh left the room.
(11:56:51 PM) GM (Brad): night!
(11:56:55 PM) left the room.
(11:57:46 PM) edorries: Night, all. Take care!
(11:58:21 PM) edorries left the room.